Nominate WOW! for Writer's Digest's Best Website for Writers

Thursday, November 10, 2022


I couldn't resist when I saw the request from Writer's Digest to nominate your favorite websites for writers. The first website I thought of? WOW! Women on Writing, of course!

I joined the WOW team in 2017 and I've loved all the parts I've played. From blog tours to blog posts, this website keeps me inspired. And with as stressful as this year has been for me, I appreciate anything that has inspired me.

But maybe you love WOW for a different reason! Maybe it's the classes, the newsletters, the writing contests, the giveaways, or the chance to read some amazing books. Whatever it is, we hope you nominate us as one of the Writer's Digest Best Websites for Writers.

Right now, you can submit your request up until December 6, so take advantage now before you forget later. 


Renee Roberson said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Nicole! I'll go fill out the form now.

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