Join Our Fall Into Reading Group Giveaway

Monday, August 08, 2022

It's hard to believe that fall is around the corner! I love this time of year, actually. It leaves me inspired to be creative and read. In honor of the upcoming season, we're hosting a group giveaway that we're inviting you to join in!

Like our very successful group giveaways in the past, we'll be bringing a bunch of authors together to give away their book to hungry readers. By taking part, you'll enjoy a much-needed boost in your social media following (we add one of your social media accounts for entrants to follow as an optional entry method). 

The giveaway will last for two weeks, starting September 22nd. Plus, all the books will be featured in an e-blast that goes out to over 49,000 email subscribers, and featured in a blog post on The Muffin, featuring all the books and authors.

There will be three prize winners, and you'll be sending out a book copy to each winner. 

It's easy to sign up and all you need to pay is a small $50 fee. $10 of that will go towards a gift card that will be given to our grand prize winner. 

Intrigued? Sign up via the Google form here. Don't wait! Our deadline to sign up is September 10th. So spread the word.


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