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Monday, July 19, 2021

We are excited to be here today with H.R. Conklin and announce the blog tour of Book #4 in the Celtic Magic, The Eternity Knot. Join us as we interview the author, highlight upcoming spots on the blog tour, and give away a copy of her book. 

First, here is a little bit about The Eternity Knot:

Mairi has been shown the future and knows humans must change their ways. Continuing on their path of disconnect with Nature will cause the destruction of human life. Tasked by the Seelie Fae to save the human world, Mairi and friends seek out ancient wisdom in the stories of old. The Queen of the Unseelie Fae decides humans have to prove themselves worthy of the Earthly Realm, or die trying. Dark magic makes Mairi push harder to find the answers she needs, but the Undersea Faerie Queen is weighing in and Mairi is uncertain whose side she is on. When young people representing cultures from all of the continents share their knowledge, Mairi finally feels the seeds of hope. Deadly faerie magic is working against humanity, but humans and faeries are working together like never before. As humans begin seeing the earth through ancient views, they are waking up to their dormant powers. Now Mairi must put all the pieces together before time runs out for human life on Earth, and for once she's starting to feel worthy of the task. Join Mairi and friends in this exciting conclusion to the Celtic Magic series. 

The Celtic Magic series is a unique tale connecting modern day California to the Scotland of centuries ago. Join Mairi during a life-changing year in this eco-heroine's journey, following the Celtic wheel of pagan holidays through the seasons and time as she meets druids, witches, and faeries of both Light and Dark. Discover what role mythic stories play in saving the Earth from imminent destruction, and what happens when the world is inclusive of all people. This series includes The Trinity Knot, The Witch's Knot, The Faerie Knot, and just finished is book 4, The Eternity Knot! 

This book is perfect for teens and adults of all ages who enjoy a modern take on myths and fairytales! 

Publisher:  Independently Published (June 12, 2021)
Genre:  Coming of Age Fiction, Fantasy, Magic
Pages:  329 
ISBN-13:  979-8700673150

Purchase The Eternity Knot on Amazon, Waldorf Books, and/or H.R. Conklin's website: Wild Rose Stories. Be sure to also add this to your GoodReads reading list.

About the Author, H.R. Conklin 

H. R. Conklin grew up in the rural mountains of Northern California where her mother gardened and her father played the bagpipes, as well as spending long hours in the theater where her parents were a dancer and an actor. This undoubtedly led to her overactive imagination and love for nature. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, two adult children, and three dogs. She used to teach kindergarten at a public Waldorf charter school in which she told many fairy tales to the children, and made up stories in her spare time. Now she is a Story Circle Leader and guides parents in homeschooling at a private Waldorf school.

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---  Interview by Crystal Otto 

WOW: Thank you so much for choosing WOW! to help promote The Eternity Knot and the Celtic Magic Series. I'm so excited to be here with you today! I'm one of the lucky few who had a chance to read the books already, so I'll try not to spoil it for everyone else. Let me just say our readers won't be disappointed in today's interview or any of your books! Let's get to it!

Tell us more about your Women's Story Circles

H.R.: My story circles came out of my realization that there are women who aren’t aware of any fairy tales other than the versions presented by Disney. There are even more women who don’t realize that fairy tales aren’t straight forward, such as the prince kissing Aurora in Sleeping Beauty isn’t actually a prince. He symbolizes a woman’s masculine side finding balance with a woman’s feminine side within her. Fairy tales are full of symbolism like that! 

So, I created a Women’s Story Circle in which I tell an original version of a popular fairy tale, then explain the symbolism while weaving in meditation and creativity such as journaling or art. 

WOW: That's really deep. I think you're right - there's many of us that haven't given much thought as to what lies beneath the surface. How exciting to have this new insight!

How has your writing evolved from your original dream? How do you stay true to your vision? 

H.R.: My writing has evolved from being about my own personal issues to being about world wide, human issues, mostly women’s, probably mostly white women because that’s what I know. I am trying to broaden my scope of understanding from all women’s points of view, though. I used to write short stories based on something I witnessed in my family, for example, and it would help me see the scenario in a more hopeful light. For instance, I wrote a story about a little boy with a loving mommy, but a roaring dragon lurked in the shadows. It helped me realize I needed to work on an ancestral lineage of yelling at our children that runs in my family. 

I sought help and working on my temper has been a lifelong endeavor that I feel has paid off by setting an example for my own children. Now I write about other people such as I’ve recently outlined a story about a woman who is running from an abusive boyfriend. This is not something in my own relationship experience, but it is something that is much too prevalent in the world. I’m in a book study for Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s book, Women Who Run With The Wolves. I was inspired to write it by her chapter on the fairy tale Bluebeard and the symbolism within it. I hope to find time to work on this new book series I have in mind. 

WOW: We may have come from the same ancestry...especially if you ask my children, but that's a topic for another day.

What advice would you give to other authors concerning their writing, publication, promotion, etc?

H.R.: Write all the time. Write down ideas when you don’t have time to write entire chapters. Watch people. Listen to other people’s stories. Put down the phone in public places and see how people move and interact. Take writing classes. Work on parts of your writing that you feel are weak. Don’t be afraid to set goals and go for them. Appreciate the people who are willing to read your books and tell you they are good even when a critique group might tear you apart, especially their internal critic. There are kernels of wisdom in our worst writing. Hold tight to those and keep writing. My mom is a painter. She doesn’t want to sell her paintings. She occasionally sells a print, or gives one away. She has helped me see that my art doesn’t always have to be a commodity. So, I write stories that don’t always do anything more than purge a thought from my mind. And I love that! It takes the pressure off to constantly be performing for anyone else. 

WOW: I hope everyone heard the part of setting goals and going for them even when you're afraid! That's such great supportive advice for all of us!

Speaking of support - who has been most supportive of you when it comes to writing and being published? 

H.R.: I’m lucky to be supported in my writing by a number of people. My mom is my biggest champion, but my husband and a handful of friends are a close second. I’m also working on being my own champion. I so often doubt myself and get in my own way. I find myself admiring people who take chances and seem to not mind wiping the dust off when they fall. At least they fell trying. They also get back up, which is key. So, I keep trying my hand at writing and publishing, such as the several times I’ve entered the WOW contests. I haven’t won yet, but I keep trying. I have gotten close, so that’s a boost. 

WOW: Thanks so much for entering. I love reading all the submissions and I know plenty of authors who swear by the feedback! I have a good feeling there's a win in your future! 

What would your current self say to the younger you? 

H.R.: When I was younger, I didn’t believe in working on your art for money because I thought it wouldn’t pay the bills so it wasn’t worth my time. Now, I would go back and tell my younger self to become a writer because it would still lead to paying the bills, though not necessarily with novels, and I would at least be doing what I wanted to do. However, I truly believe that everything happens the way it’s meant to, so I don’t really want to change anything about my younger self. I still became a writer, in my own time. 

WOW: You are so patient - that's such an interesting take on things.

When did you start writing and who or what helped you get to where you are today? 

H.R.: I started writing when I was young. I loved writing in English class. I was that kid who was stoked to have an essay test. Multiple-choice tests were so hard for me. I have so much to say. So, I’ve always kept journals and have written short stories my whole life. I became serious about writing a book in my thirties. I wrote the beginning of Celtic Magic and shared it with my dad. He was dying from cancer and I wanted him to know I was writing it. He seemed pleased and we had a wonderful talk about our family connection to the Celtic people. After he died, I took an Artist’s Way class that helped me realize I should still write my book even if I was sad about my dad. I took classes through San Diego Writer’s Ink and managed to outline the entire series and finish book one, The Trinity Knot. Knowing I really just wanted to hold my book, I recruited willing friends and paid for editors, and voila: I self-published. 

WOW: What a meaningful story about how things evolved for you.

Who is your favorite author and why? 

H.R.:  I really don’t have one favorite author. I enjoy most writers who are adept at mixing a touch of fairy tale magic to our ordinary world or who have a new way to look at fairy tales and myths. Here are a few that stand out for me. Sarah Alison Addison’s magical realism novels are perfectly believable. Kate Morton’s ability to transport me into several eras and create a complicated mystery that she clarifies completely in the end is remarkable. Nikita Gill’s poetry about goddesses and fairy tales is eye-opening to the inherent symbolism. 

WOW: Here's a tough question seeing as how you're doing so well with all of these - and maybe it's never happened to you, but I have to ask: How do you deal with rejection or a negative review? 

H.R.: When I first received a negative review, I went to some of my favorite authors’ websites and read their 1-star reviews. It helped me to remember that writers cannot please everyone and that’s okay. Now, I try not to take much notice unless there’s a kernel of truth that can help me improve my writing. 

WOW: That definitely reminds me of my dad and his great advice about not being able to please all of the people all of the time - you're spot on!

What does your writing space look like? 

H.R.: It rotates around the house. Mostly, I like to sit on the couch with my laptop. I do have a desk in my daughter’s room now that she’s gone off to college. Sometimes, I write at the dining room table or in a chair in the family room. 

WOW: So many of us can relate to a moving "space." You mentioned other authors - are you part of a writers group? Why or why not? 

H.R.: Sometimes I am. I have a hard time sticking to one group, though I always enjoy myself when I do, but life seems to get in the way. In part, I didn’t feel I was any good at critiquing other writers’ work when I first started joining, but I’ve improved so now I enjoy critique groups more. I hope to find one to stay with now that classes might resume in-person again. I’m not super keen on always being online. 

WOW: It's so hard delivering an honest critique, isn't it?

You mentioned the dragon story before and that made me think about journaling and real life - so let me ask, how does journaling play a role in your writing life? 

H.R.: I go through phases with journaling. I’ll be adamant about journaling for several months then take a break. I mostly use journaling to purge emotions from my body, or to work through a book I’m studying. I keep my ideas for more books in my journals and return to them when I’m seeking a new idea to work on. 

WOW: Oh those phases - I know many of us would say the same. Some periods I'm more intense with my journaling than other too. Before I let you go, talk to us about what's next. 

What's next for you? What are you working on now and what's on your list as a long term goal? 

H.R.: I’m working on a journal for girls and women that will follow a similar path to learning about yourself that my character Mairi took in the Celtic Magic series. It encourages women to delve into their ancestral culture and myths, to trace their maiden tree of family names (book 1), to discover the death rituals that their ancestors once followed (book 2), to work through journaling questions to reach deeper into their own shadowed corners (book 3) and to look outward into the world to find what passions they have or which activism might call to them (book 4). At the very least, it’s a journal I would have liked to access as a young woman or teen, so I suppose there are others who will also appreciate it. My long-term goal is to keep writing and finding ways to share my writing with the world. I hope to also establish myself as a Circle Guide for tweens, teens, and women. I’m off to a good start, so I’ll keep following my path.   

WOW: It's interesting that we came right back to journaling! I can't wait to hear all this new project - it sounds like something I can enjoy with my children! 

Thank you so much for being here and for your time and honesty today. I can't wait to hear more during the great upcoming stops on your tour! Thanks again for choosing WOW! 

 --- Blog Tour Calendar 

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I look forward to reading the book. I like connecting modern day California with old day Scotland

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