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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
I love asking people what their writing space looks like. I once thought if my office was set-up just perfectly I could be more creative...but the more successful people I talk to, the more I've come to realize it's not the space that makes them creative or successful. Some offices are tidy. Some offices are a small corner table at the local coffee shop. Some offices double as a kitchen table once the family returns from work or school, and still others include a simple notebook and a stream running through a woods.

I've come to the realization that my writing space was yet another stumbling block for my creativity. It's no different than the housework that so often distracts me. My space was luring me away from writing instead of helping me concentrate and be creative. It doesn't matter if I have the perfect chair, the fastest computer, the nicest journal, ambient lighting, commercial free music, etc... I simply need to put myself to the task at hand and write.

It would be lovely to have an office free of distractions, with photographs of everything that inspires me, but the truth is I can still write with the sound of the clothes dryer tumbling the laundry. I can move the notes from teachers, the partial bottles of water, and the bills to pay - and I can write.

I've asked this before, but what stops you from getting your writing done? Is your writing space a stumbling block? Or...maybe unlike myself your writing space IS an inspiration to you. Do share please?

Write on Friends!

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Nicole Pyles said...

I love the idea of having a beautiful writing space! But like you, I tend to write where I am at. Oddly, my cell phone turns into my mobile office since I write from it a lot.

Sue Bradford Edwards said...

My office is almost essential. I say almost because other spots work if I am fairly isolated. I distract very easily. Coffee shops? No. I quiet corner in the reading room at my library. Yes! A spot by a stream? That will work too.

Margo Dill said...

Recently, I rearranged the small house Katie and I live in so that she and I could have an office space. I took the dining room table and put it in our huge kitchen. Then I took our desks and put them in the dining room. I took a framed photo off the wall and moved it to another spot and hung up a bulletin board where I could keep notes and goals. I love it! The dog's crate is in their too. I feel so much happier having this space.

Angela Mackintosh said...

I have a dedicated office that I use for writing articles, newsletters, etc, and for graphics and coding on an iMac, but I can only write creatively in bed with my laptop. It's the place I feel most comfortable. I guess Mark Twain wrote in bed, too! I've also been writing more on my cell phone lately. :)

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