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Monday, November 12, 2018
Hank and Norm were living the good life: two friends with plenty of money, homes in a lovely California retirement town, and no problems except for the boredom that felt almost fatal. Then Mai came into the picture, the love of Hank’s life during his CIA days in Saigon, desperately needing his help to save the son he’d never known he had. Boredom was over, as Hank and Norm hit the road, following the few clues Mai could give them in search of a man who desperately wants not to be found. What they find is a slew of lies and hidden truths, strange characters, improbable danger that has them fighting to survive, and the happy lesson that their lives are far from over.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Terra Nova Books (June 1, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1948749009
ISBN-13: 978-1948749008

Son of Saigon is now available to purchase on Amazon as an e-book and print, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.

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About the Author:
David Myles Robinson grew up in Pasadena, CA. He holds degrees from San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco School of Law. After practicing law for thirty-eight years in Honolulu, Hawaii, he retired with his wife, former Honolulu judge Marcia Waldorf, to Taos, NM. Robinson is the author of three previous novels: legal thrillers Tropical Lies and Tropical Judgments, and Unplayable Lie, a golf-related suspense novel.

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Interview by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

WOW: David, I have enjoyed so many of your books. Let me begin by thanking your for choosing WOW! to help promote and spread the word about Son of Saigon! It's a pleasure working with you. I'm sure I asked this same question about your other books as well - I always find myself wondering: What sparked you to write this particular story with such sensitive themes?

David: I’m getting up there in years. I had just become eligible for Medicare and like my protagonist, Hank, I had begun to think more and more about mortality. At the same time, living in Taos, NM, I regularly ski and golf with friends who are well into their 70s. I decided to write a book about a couple of old guys. Assuming you have your health, you can either drift from day to day, overly aware of your age, as Hank and Norm were doing at the start of the novel, or you can decide to kick ass and keep on living. That’s what Hank and Norm ultimately chose to do. Because Vietnam had been a part of everyone’s life who is my age, it was a natural fit to include it in the story line. Basically, I refer to SON OF SAIGON as my middle finger salute to getting old.

WOW: That's awesome! I'm hoping to be a healthy old lady someday and really laughed quite a bit at the dialogue between Hank and Norm. This was a very enjoyable read.

How does social media play info your author marketing plan?

David: I think social media is critical for an unknown author with an independent publisher. I do have people who help me with marketing as I’d prefer to spend my time writing or otherwise having fun, but at their urging I try to post new blogs on my website on a fairly regular basis. I have a separate Facebook page for my writing. Blogs like this are a big help.

WOW: I love that social media even played a part in Son of Saigon - I kept thinking how hip and smart Hank and Norm are! How is retirement? Where was your most recent trip and what spurred you to go there?

David: Retirement is even better than I’d ever envisioned it would be. My wife and I are lucky in that we have enough money to do the things we love to do. This last year we travelled to Botswana (our twelfth trip to Sub-Saharan Africa), did a road trip to the west coast, went to Hawaii where I played in an annual charity golf event on Maui, and then did a river cruise in Europe. After living 40 years in Hawaii, I love road trips, and the road trip Hank and Norm set out on in the Sprinter RV was me living vicariously through them.

WOW: I'm seriously living vicariously through YOU right now - I can't wait to be retired! Sounds like you are still finding time for one fun activity each day (or more than one apparently). Any recent new found hobbies or loves as a result of your daily fun?

David: Probably too much fun. Taos is a wonderful outdoor lifestyle. In the winter I try to ski every other day and the rest of the year I golf, play pickle ball, hike, or travel. That is, when writing doesn’t get in the way.

WOW: Did you do anything differently this time as far as writing or publishing goes? What advice can you pass along?

David: I write because I love to write, and I would do it even if I wasn’t getting published. But it’s nice to have an audience and to watch the readership grow, which is why I invest in marketing people. I tend to write in spurts. If I can get engrossed in my story I will write for hours at a time, to the exclusion of all the other fun stuff I do. The hardest part is when I have the basic story written and it is time to roll up my sleeves and begin the long and sometimes onerous process of rewriting. The best advice I can pass along is far from original with me: write for yourself, not for others. Hopefully at some point what you have written out of love of writing will resonate with others.

"Write for yourself, not for others. Hopefully at some point what you have written out of love of writing will resonate with others."

WOW: I can see how you get engrossed in writing - I get engrossed in reading your work. I appreciate all your writing and re-writing, your books have always been very polished which makes them a joy to read! I hope you're working on the next book?

David: I have two novels currently in progress, which is unusual for me. I think it’s because I haven’t yet fully committed to either one. After all the traveling I’ve done this year, I need to reread the drafts to decide which one I should focus on. I also have a completed book of travel stories I’m trying to sell. I may decide to self-publish it.

WOW: I'm looking forward to reading your next book - regardless of how it is published, so instead of saying good bye, how about we say so long...for now? I have a feeling we will be hearing from you in the new year (if not sooner - hint hint)! Thank you for your time and for sharing with us today.

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To win a copy of the book Son of Saigon by David Myles Robinson, please enter via Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. Giveaway ends on November 19th at 12 AM EST. We will announce the winner the same day on the Rafflecopter widget. Good luck!

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Angela Mackintosh said...

Great interview!

David, I love the advice you gave about writing for yourself, not others. So often we hear we have to write for our audience, and while that's a great thing to keep in mind, it kind of takes all the fun out of the writing process. I think it's possible to do both, but maybe in drafts further down the line. I'm on the first draft of my memoir, and at this point, I can only write for myself...because if I think about my audience, or even think others will be reading it, then I will never get the entire truth out! And that's the worse thing a memoir writer can do.

Good luck on your tour! You are so prolific! This is your second novel published this year, right? Son of Saigon sounds fascinating. I love the plot synopsis and that the book is a "middle finger salute to getting old." Lol!

Unknown said...

Angela - good luck with your memoir.

Crystal - thank you so much for the interview and the chance to connect with your readers

Margo Dill said...

I'm always interested to read thrillers because of how authors so masterfully pace the plot and what is revealed when. I've never tried something like this with my fiction writing. Maybe I would start with a short story. Anyway, congratulations to you with your book!

Buddy Garrett said...

It sounds like a very interesting read. I would love to read it.

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