Mary Maurice launches her book blog tour of The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe

Monday, September 17, 2018
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Susan Jordan awakens at her Santa Fe apartment, cloudy and disoriented. Her clothing is unfamiliar. Where has she been? Her nose crinkles as she smells his scent. Jack's back! Rubber filled legs brace against the stone cold tile floor as she reaches for the pile of mail haplessly setting on the table. Dozens of letters! Jack Monroe never stops. Susan wishes he would just leave, take his advice and go back to Detroit. He's gaining too much control! He's taking over!

Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher:  Silver Leaf Books LLC (September 10, 2018)
Genre: Mystery
ISBN-10: 1609752376
ISBN-13: 978-1609752378

The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe is available for purchase in print and as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.    

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About the Author:  

When I was a child growing up in the Detroit area, I thought I wanted to be a painter, and then as a teenager the idea of being a musician intrigued me, then as a young adult, I realized that I’m a writer.

After attending Western Michigan University for two party filled years, I decided to leave academia and explore the real world to learn what life is truly about. For fifteen years I’ve traveled the country working in restaurants, writing and doing readings wherever I was welcome.

While living in Minneapolis during my twenties, I was fortunate enough to be tutored by Dr. Jonis Agee, who was at the time head of the creative writing department at St. Catherine’s College in St. Paul. Her lessons were imprinted in me for all of these years, and have influenced my writing ever since.

My adventures landed me in San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, and Oregon, finally leading me to the Land of Enchantment where I’ve resided since 1994. Living in Santa Fe, and the beauty and isolation that surrounds me, has inspire my creative muse in ways that no other place has. While still working in the hospitality industry, my passion for the craft of writing has never been stronger. And I know with each sentence I write, and every paragraph I compose, my ultimate goal is to find the perfect word.

Keep on bookin!

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---- interview by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

WOW: Mary, Thank you so much for choosing WOW again to help promote yet another great book! Let's dig right in (and for those readers who missed our first interview and tour, they can find it here).  When did you start writing and who inspired you?

Mary: I started writing in the ninth grade, and am inspired by the craft of writing, and knowing that people enjoy my books. Plus, I feel like I'm helping to keep the art of writing alive.

WOW: Those are admirable reasons - thank you. You've had quite a few successes along your writing journey, so do tell: how do you celebrate your successes?

Mary: I celebrate my success by continuing to write and create novels.

WOW: We can't wait to watch The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe climb the charts! Early reviewers are saying fabulous things and we know you'll have plenty of success with this one!

What advice to you have for other writers when it comes to publishing, dealing with rejections, etc.?

Mary: Perseverance, hard work, and a little bit of luck, for me is the key to success. But the most important aspect is passion. If you don't have passion for the craft, then what's the point of writing?

WOW: You're right on about passion - you might as well be passionate about whatever it is you are doing.

What is one thing you'd like readers to take away after reading The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe ?

Mary: I'd like for people to understand the tormented mind of a suicidal person. To realize that they aren't just having a bad day, or that they're depressed because of their life, but that it stems from a deeper problem, ones that usually stay hidden until it's too late. Suicide is so taboo in our society that no one really wants to talk about it, even though it's becoming quite common. We need to be educated about the problem, and then maybe we'll understand and be able to help.

WOW: Thank you for your bravery in tackling this difficult and complicated subject. What's next for you?

Mary: My next novel is, The Dreams of Stellar Martin. A story about a woman who's hiking in the mountains, falls and can't recall who or where she is, and uses her dream journal to remember herself.

WOW: Sounds like a fascinating read! Thank you for spending time chatting with us today! 

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