Mary Maurice launches her blog tour for Burtrum Lee - A Scientific Mystery

Monday, November 13, 2017
...and giveaway!

Coated with a life of lies and deceit, Burtrum Lee Conner is sick to her stomach. Dozens of times throughout her life the feeling of not being who she is has tormented her. But she kept it to herself, believing that maybe it’s just a chemical imbalance of some kind considering she is one of the first artificially-inseminated babies of the 1960s. Now, there’s more though, something much deeper, much more maniacal than she could have ever imagined. She’s not the first test tube baby at all, but the first…

Burtrum Lee Conner, born into a world of scientific mystery, discovers that the life she’s been leading for the past forty years, is the wrong one. Her parents, Jed and Jane Conner, stealing her as an infant, brought Lee up as their own. Even her devoted grandmother, Clair Conner, kept this secret close to her chest until they were found out. And now, Lee Conner’s biological mother, Katie Lee, wants her back, but not before the diabolical Dr. Stone has his say.

Paperback: 219 pages
Genre: Scientific Mystery
Publisher: Silver Leaf Books LLC (November 13, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1609751973
ISBN-13: 978-1609751975

Burtrum Lee is available in ebook and in print on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

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About Mary Maurice:

When I was a child growing up in the Detroit area, I thought I wanted to be a painter, and then as a teenager the idea of being a musician intrigued me, then as a young adult, I realized that I’m a writer.

After attending Western Michigan University for two party filled years, I decided to leave academia and explore the real world to learn what life is truly about. For fifteen years I’ve traveled the country working in restaurants, writing and doing readings wherever I was welcome.

While living in Minneapolis during my twenties, I was fortunate enough to be tutored by Dr. Jonis Agee, who was at the time head of the creative writing department at St. Catherine’s College in St. Paul. Her lessons were imprinted in me for all of these years, and have influenced my writing ever since.

My adventures landed me in San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, and Oregon, finally leading me to the Land of Enchantment where I’ve resided since 1994. Living in Santa Fe, and the beauty and isolation that surrounds me, has inspire my creative muse in ways that no other place has. While still working in the hospitality industry, my passion for the craft of writing has never been stronger. And I know with each sentence I write, and every paragraph I compose, my ultimate goal is to find the perfect word.

Keep on bookin!

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-----Interview by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

WOW:  Thank you so much Mary – thank you for sharing your writing with the world, choosing WOW to help with your book promotion, and for being here for today’s interview. 

Let’s get started: Imagining your life as a complete lie - what an interesting concept. Where did you get the idea for Burtrum Lee? How did it go from an idea to something you decided to pursue publishing?

Mary: I started with the title, and then the ideas came to me as I sat down and wrote. After finishing multiple drafts, I knew it was time to pursue publishing when my heart jumped as I read Burtrum Lee.

WOW:  What an awesome feeling – I’m sure readers will feel the same tug at their heart as they also experience the magic of Burtum Lee. When did you start writing and what or who inspired you?

Mary: The fire started when I wrote my first poem in the ninth grade, and the flames haven’t stopped burning. Throughout my life I’ve had great support from people who’ve read my books, attended my readings, and it is this support that inspires me to keep on writing. Also, the writing in itself keeps my desires alive.

WOW:  Those flames of desire – such a great way to describe writing with passion. Passion and compassion are so important for drawing readers in. Now, speaking of reading, do you have a favorite book, author, or genre? What drew you to them?

Mary: My favorite book of all time is Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. The novel is one of the most compassionate books that I’ve ever read. My favorite author is Stephen King. His format and engaging style has influenced my writing greatly. I’m drawn to his work because it teaches me, and the more I learn about writing, the better I become.

WOW: Stephen King – talk about success! How will you be celebrating your successes? What advice do you have regarding rejection? What lessons have you learned about publishing? What might you do differently next time?

Mary: I’ll celebrate my success, of course, by first going to Disneyland, and then, I’ll write more books. As for rejection, I’ve never had a problem with it. I figure, it’s all a part of the game, but perseverance and determination are the real winners. And as for, what would I do differently the next time, nothing, because what I did worked.

WOW: Good for you – both celebrating the success and recognizing your achievement. What's next for you?

Mary: I’ll just keep writing and doing readings, and continue to get the word out. That’s my life purpose, and I plan on fulfilling it.

WOW: Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with the WOW readers today Mary – this is going to be such a fun tour (we are absolutely kicking it off on the right foot with this exciting interview)!

----------Blog Tour Dates

Monday November 13th (today) @ WOW! Women on Writing
Interview & Giveaway!

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Tuesday, November 21st @ Margo Dill
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Thursday, November 23rd @ Writers Pay it Forward
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Tuesday, November 28th @ Choices with Madeline Sharples
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Thursday, November 30th @ Women of Wonder
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Enter to win a copy of Burtrum Lee by Mary Maurice! Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. We will announce the winner in the Rafflecopter widget on Sunday, November 19th!

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Angela Mackintosh said...

Thanks for the interview, ladies. :) Mary, your novel sounds fascinating! Believe it or not, I've never read Shelly's Frankenstein. I love the story and movies about it though, and your description about how compassionate the book is has convinced me to add it to my TBR pile. I agree with what you said about perseverance and determination. Congratulations on your launch and good luck on your tour!

Deborah Wellenstein said...

Your book has me intrigued! I am looking forward to reading it. On my TBR pile for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the interview! :)

Mallory Bailey

Mary Maurice said...

Thank-you Crystal for the wonderful interview and for posting me on this tour. I appreciate your support and am very excited about the upcoming weeks. I look forward to working with you in the future. Mary Maurice

Mary Maurice said...

Angela, Thank-you for you comments and kind words. I hope you enjoy Burtrum Lee when you read it. Let me know what you think, I always appreciate feedback.

Mary Maurice said...

Deborah, I'm glad that Burtrum Lee has caught your interest. I hope you enjoy the novel, and then tell your friends. Any feedback is appreciated.

Buddy Garrett said...

I wonder if the author has any advice for aspiring writers who don't want to go the route of spending years in college.

Betty C said...

Thank you for the interview. I'm always looking for authors I have't read before and this looks like just the kind of story line I like.

Unknown said...

Dear Buddy, my advice is to concentrate on your passion, and if that is writing, then chuck everything else, and go for it. You only live once and if you want to do that in a classroom, far be it for me to advise you otherwise. Listen to your heart and persevere, there's someone out there who'll finally recognize your talent. Good luck!

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