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Saturday, March 05, 2016
Admit it, you've thought about writing a memoir or someone has said "you should really write a book". If you're like most people I know, your comeback sounds something like this "I'm just not that interesting; who would want to read about me?

I've been saying that for a long time, and I still haven't moved forward with writing my own memoir. I did strike up enough courage to start a blog which somehow led to doing book reviews which landed me with WOW! Women on Writing which is where I met NYTimes Best Selling Author Bette Lee Crosby. Even when Bette approached me about my story, I was quick to say "Really? I'm not that interesting," but she pushed forward anyway. Now, there's a book out there based on my life story. Talk about a humbling experience.

The process has been amazing and quite therapeutic. I had a chance to talk about things that hadn't crossed my mind in nearly two decades. In addition to being humbling and therapeutic, it has also been terrifying. As the reviews roll in, I hold my breath and read each one. Of course, I hope readers like the character who is based on me...and most readers have been very kind. I assure you I'll be in tears the first time someone says anything unkind. I still don't think I'm very interesting, but I'm glad someone does. And dear reader, if this small town girl from the middle of Wisconsin is interesting enough to share her story with the world, then trust me when I say:


Stop making excuses. Stop thinking people aren't interested in what you have to say. Your story will resonate with someone, and it just may be the inspiration they need to get through a difficult time.

My other bit of advice (to myself more than anyone else), is this:

If you write a book or have a book based on your story, please don't let the reviews get you down. As my daddy used to say, "You can't please everyone all the time and if they don't like you, maybe it's cuz they're jealous of you."

If you wrote your memoir today, what would be the title? If your life was a Hallmark movie, who would play you? (Leave your answers in the comments of this post.)

For more information about Bette Lee Crosby and any of her books, please check out her website:

To pre-order Baby Girl or find out more about it, follow this link:

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Crystal is a church musician, babywearing mama (aka crunchy mama), business owner, active journaler, writer and blogger, Blog Tour Manager with WOW! Women on Writing, Publicist with Dream of Things Publishing, as well as a dairy farmer. She lives in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin with her husband, four young children (Carmen 8, Andre 7, Breccan 2, and Delphine who just celebrated her first trip around the sun - pictured to the left), two dogs, two rabbits, four little piggies, a handful of cats and kittens, and over 230 Holsteins.

You can find Crystal riding unicorns, blogging and reviewing books, baby carriers, cloth diapers, and all sorts of other stuff at: and here: 


Margo Dill said...

Thanks for sharing this news. I think this is really exciting! :)

Angela Mackintosh said...

I just pre-ordered a Kindle copy! I can't wait to read it and learn more about you Crystal! Very exciting. :) Congrats!

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