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Saturday, December 19, 2015
Sometimes decisions made in an instant can echo throughout a lifetime.

In the pages of her new novel, Afta-U, Author Jennifer-Lynn Keniston, takes us into the heart of Jean Cartwright Rhodes, a woman who is struggling to come to grips with the heartbreaking and senseless death of her childhood best friend, Hope. Twenty-nine years after the fact, Jean fights for her very sanity as she confronts the dark web of relationships and intrigue that appear to have been set in motion by a split-second decision she made in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Afta-U is an adult mystery/suspense novel for ages 17 and older. The book is complex and sometimes dark, and filled with Christian messages.

Jennifer's WOW! Blog Tour launches on January 18, 2016.

About Jennifer-Lynn Keniston
Raised in Hanson, Massachusetts, the author earned a Master of Arts degree in English, from Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in writing and a minor in philosophy, from Plymouth State College in New Hampshire. Jennifer-Lynn currently works as a project manager for a company that provides cloud software products for call centers at small, medium, and enterprise companies. In April 2014, she started her own business, Ansel Resume Resolution Services LLC, writing resumes and cover letters. She now lives and writes in Concord, New Hampshire, and enjoys teaching Spinning classes in her free time.

We are seeking bloggers to review the book and Jennifer is also open to interviews and guest blog posts. A list of topics include the following:


  • The unexpected joy found in writing an inherently evil antagonist.
  • Embracing Christian themes while writing Afta-U.
  • Who is in Control? Christian ideal of learning how to “Let Go, Let God.”
  • Connecting with my child-like self while writing Afta-U.
  • How the Greytown/Graytown lighthouse with its Fresnel lens was inspired from the sign of Dr. T J Eckleburg in The Great Gatsby.
  • How to leave the rollercoaster of emotions on the page/computer screen when stepping away from writing a dark novel.


  • The name “Ansel” and the impact on this story and in the naming of my own resume business.
  • A big picture and cast of characters: How being a Project Manager helps me to become a better storyteller.
  • Conducting resume interviews and how the writer in me pulls out missing and key information; How “Wow, I’d hire me! You have a Gift!” is like hearing a praise of a character I created in my story.
  • How creating and instructing an Interval energy zone Spinning class, is on a much smaller scale, comparable to the writing, editing, and release of a novel into print.
  • Entwining scenes from a fictitious town with my childhood town still at heart, and capturing the four New England seasons and familiar feel.

Interested in hosting Jennifer Lynn-Keniston and receiving content for your blog? E-mail Blog Tour Manager Renee Roberson at and let her know if you would like to review the book, interview the author, or receive a guest blog post.


Angela Mackintosh said...

This book sounds great and I love Jennifer's topics. :)

Renee Roberson said...

I know--didn't she do a great job putting those together?

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