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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Many novels start out slowly, setting the scene, drawing you into a new world. Moonlit does that too . . . for all of fifteen pages (I checked). Tanzy Hightower works at a horse farm and the first pages hint at a mysterious, tragic story that relates to her father and a difficult relationship with her mother. You’re just beginning to wonder about this untold story when BAM! the Unseen Ones, shadowy monsters visible only to Tanzy and her beloved horses make an appearance. The Unseen Ones eventually lead to an accident and, as Tanzy is recovering from her injuries, she is forced to confront not only the shadowy monsters but her mysterious past. Eventually she uncovers unexpected links between the secrets of her past and new friends who offer her what seems like the perfect life.

Moonlit is a roller coaster ride not only full of action but also full of unanswered questions. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? In Moonlit it’s tough to tell who is who, an aspect that makes the book even more intriguing. Nothing, and no one is what they seem.

Author Jadie Jones manages to keep you off balance, always introducing new questions, new worlds, new secrets. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Tanzy Hightower, an eighteen-year-old protagonist creates a world some in the publishing industry are referring to as New Adult. On the cusp of adulthood, she encompasses the best of both worlds: she is old enough to understand the world and deal with adult situations but young enough to still have a naivety that creates a fresh character. And, just as Tanzy straddles two worlds, the audience for the Tanzy Hightower series straddles two worlds, both teen and adult readers will enjoy it. Even Moonlit’s secondary characters are richly drawn and leave a deep impression long after they have left the scene and in some cases, died. You’ll find yourself mulling over their decisions . . . Why did they do that? What would I do in their place? What are they hiding?

My only complaint is that Jadie Jones doesn’t write quickly enough! The book ended but left many things unresolved. The minute I read the last word I wanted to e-mail Jadie and tell her “I need the next book—now!” The ending was a bit frustrating but it will make you eager for more.

Jadie Jones has been dreaming about being an author since she wrote her first book in the seventh grade—in a black and white composition tablet, of course. But life happens…jobs, husband, baby. Jadie has that magical time known as naptime to thank for Moonlit. Because, when all was quiet in the house (with the exception of the washer humming in the background) Jadie could hear Tanzy, who she thought she had long ago relegated to past dreams, calling to her. And one day Jadie pulled out a pen and answered. The result was Moonlit, the first book in the Tanzy Hightower series.

When she isn’t writing, Jadie likes to ride horses and explore the world with her beautiful toddler.

~ Review by Jodi Webb

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Unknown said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! I hope to submit the sequel to my publisher in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hand this to my 13 yr old. Horses and teenagers, something that never goes out of style!

Cheryl Secomb said...

The book sounds intriguing! I'm looking forward to reading it.

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