Friday Speak Out!: Words, by Robyn Corum

Friday, July 06, 2012
by Robyn Corum

Words. They're everywhere. They surround us in packs like miniature armies plotting attacks while we plod through our day. They're in the millions of books that inhabit our universe, the dozens of newspapers and magazines we read. They're in the blogs and emails that we're dedicated to. They're lurking in little bite-size chunks on Twitter and Facebook.

They are on the foods we eat - first we must break through the wall of words to receive any nutritional benefit. They chase us as we drive along the highway, jumping over one another in eagerness to command our attention.

They are on the clothes we wear, sometimes with catchy, encouraging life phrases.

We turn our car tags into words. Mine says, "ILBL8."

We put words onto our jewelry, "love", "peace", and "mother." On rubber band bracelets, we inscribe, "Pray for Chase."

Words of warning and notation are everywhere, on our mattresses and at the bottoms of our couches. On our blow dryers and our new fans. Our children bring home words for us to read - copious amounts. In languages we've forgotten or never quite learned at all.

And in this landscape, I stand, a writer. A manipulator of words. A lover of letters and the crazy ways they pile themselves up and shake themselves out. A stargazer. But sometimes it occurs to me that there's a good reason why it's so difficult to become a successful, noticed writer these days. It takes a lot to shine above all the 'noise and glare' that's already out there.

For those of us who are dedicated to writing, this is only a frustrating blip. We simply put our noses further to the grindstone - I mean, keyboard -- and keep writing. Keep digging in our thesauruses and dictionaries until we discover a new way to match up words that can delight and thrill and make our bones turn over in special ways. If you don't get what I'm saying, don't worry, there are only a special few who are truly, hopelessly called to the misery of living with words day in and day out, regardless of triumph or failure. And to that occasional joy of feeling the synergy when you string together a few words that float.

Wherever you are today and whatever you read - thank a writer. And remember, someday, that could be you!

* * *

  Robyn Corum is a rather nice person. She lives in a small town in North Alabama and thinks big thoughts. They scream at her until she writes them down. Robyn has three children, one son-in-law and a perfect husband. Look for her book, Pieces of Her Mind, coming out in October, 2012, with other authors. In the meantime, you can visit her at:

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