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Thursday, January 05, 2012
If your New Year's resolutions involve learning a new writing skill or two, then you may want to consider some of our online workshops and classes. After Angela went through all the different types of articles we publish and our upcoming 2012 themes, as well as how to query us in her New Year's Day post, I thought it might be a good idea to highlight our WOW! classroom and answer some frequently asked questions.

In our WOW! classroom, we offer online workshops on just about every subject you can imagine that has to do with writing. If you want to learn about a specific genre, such as writing picture books or flash fiction, we have experienced instructors who will lead you through the process and give you tips and inside information to help you reach your publication goals. Perhaps you want to learn more of a skill like how to find an agent, market yourself on social networking sites, or get into self-publishing and e-books--yep, we have classes in these subjects, too. Finally, we offer classes that help you to become a better writer in general, such as workshops about grammar, finding your muse, or including literary devices in your fiction. 

Since I teach a few courses for WOW!, I can assure you that the two ladies in charge of the WOW! classroom, Angela and Marcia, take the class listings and instructors' backgrounds seriously. If you don't have experience or recommendations, then you won't be teaching for WOW! Also, classes are evaluated; and our students' opinions are taken into consideration when re-listing a class or even when considering whether to offer new or advanced classes. For example, several of my students in my middle-grade novel course wanted an advanced middle-grade novel course. So, we are offering one this spring, and Marcia and Angela helped me create my syllabus to make it the best it can be for future students. 

So, how do online classes work through WOW!? Most instructors DO NOT expect you to be on the computer at a certain time each day. We may have students across three or four different time zones or even in another country signed up for the same class. So, finding an exact time when people aren't sleeping, working, or eating might be difficult. Instead, instructors generally have a meeting place--a private blog, an e-mail list, a Yahoo! group, or a Facebook group--where they post notes, start discussions, and answer questions. Some instructors include private chat sessions by phone or Skype as part of their class. Each instructor lists EXACTLY what the class includes in the individual class listings. 

We also get questions about scholarships and reduced rates. We often have instructors that reduce their rates at various times throughout the year. For example, the class, How to Write a Craft Book, starting 1/7, is currently on sale for $125, instead of $175; Kelly Stone's Empower Your Muse, Empower Your Writing Self is also $50 off, making it only $75 for a four-week class.  So, watch the class listings page for tuition sales. At this time, we cannot offer scholarships for any of our classes; although believe me, we wish we could. And if we find a nice, rich benefactor in the future, I'm sure that is one of the first things we will do if possible. (Smiles)

You can always sign up for a class until the day it is offered, and you do need to pay through PayPal. If the class is full, however, then you would need to wait until it is offered again or get special permission from the instructor to take the course. So, although many of us have a tendency to wait until the last minute to sign up for classes and conferences, if there's one you have your heart set on, it's better to register sooner, rather than later. If you have never used PayPal, don't worry. You don't have to have an account to pay through this site. You can use a credit card, just like if you were paying for something you bought in an online shop. 

If you look at the class listings and you don't see one that you want OR you remember a class offered before, but don't see it now, make sure to send an e-mail to classroom@wow-womenonwriting (dot) com and let them know. They do pass on these inquiries to instructors, so they can consider offering a course again, if they don't already have plans to do so.

Finally (I know another LONG post!), make sure you are signed up for the WOW! newsletter. Many times, instructors write special articles with helpful information that pertains to the topic of their classes. We call these, "Spotlights," and they give you an insight into the course and instructor and inform you if there are any discounts. Plus, if you can't afford to take the course or you don't have time, these e-mails are like a mini-workshop from a working professional--which is a great way to get your feet wet. If you aren't signed up for our FREE mailing list, go to our home page; and on the top, right-hand side, put in your name and e-mail address. 

I hope this post has answered some of the questions we regularly see on Facebook, Twitter, and on e-mail. If you have any more, please e-mail us OR leave a comment here. Otherwise, we hope you will go to the WOW! Classroom and check  out the listings we have in 2012! 

Post by Margo L. Dill; Margo teaches Blogging 101, Social Networking for Writers, Writing a Middle-Grade Novel, Writing For Children: Short Stories, Articles, and Fillers, and Freelance Writing in the WOW! Classroom.


eliana23 said...

I'm tempted now...dang you!

Marcia Peterson said...

What a great recap Margo, thanks! yes, definitely sign up for the free newsletter. We have had some great instructor material lately.

Margo Dill said...

@eliana23--well, I didn't mean to tempt you. . .just wanted to let you know what good stuff was available. Sometimes people can't leave home for a conference or even to attend a class, so our online classes bring that right to your home! :)

@MP--thanks! Ang gave me the idea when she did the recap post on New Year's Day of all the types of articles we have in the ezine. :)

Angela Mackintosh said...

Thanks, Margo! This is a big help. I'm going to bookmark this and share the link in case students ask how the classroom works. (It's our most common question.) Actually, maybe I should link to this on the classroom page! Great recap. :)

Margo Dill said...

Thanks, Ang. It was actually fun putting it together .And I know I teach for WOW!, but the experience has been so great, I just want everyone to know about it. I think sometimes as instructors we learn as much from our students as they do for us. And I love how people come back to take more/different classes! :)

Grace Pamer said...

Hi Margo! Thank you for this post. I am actually a stay-at-home mom and an online writer. I want to develop my daughters writing skills and I think this will be a good venue for her. Since she does not have time to attend additional classroom sessions given her school schedule, online classes could be just right for her.
Thanks, Grace

Margo Dill said...

Thanks! We would love to have your daughter in our online classes. Let us know if you have any other questions. :)


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