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Sunday, August 28, 2011
I have often had the experience of walking into a bookstore, passing by the “new” books display, and thinking, “I didn’t know that came out already!” or “Why didn’t I hear about this book yet?” 

There are dozens of new books published and released each week that never make it onto those display tables, but are amazing books worth reading. 

How can I effortlessly discover when some of these new books are released? 

Now there’s an easy answer to that question: Any New Books?

Any New Books? is a “free notification service that was developed to alert you to new books in categories of your choice. You can currently select from 42 categories that span a broad range of subjects (you’re free to pick however many categories you’d like),” explains

After you choose the categories of your choice, you will receive a weekly e-mail digest with hand-picked new book releases for each category you chose.

I signed up for the fiction/literature, teen, travel, and memoir/autobiography categories and just received my first round of digest e-mails last week.  I love new book suggestions, and having new books from my choice of categories sent directly to me each week makes me feel like…well, it kind of makes me feel like it’s my birthday every week. 

As a writer, I try to keep up with the market in the genres I'm interested in writing.  So not only does this service benefit me as an avid reader, it also makes my job of staying on top of the market a lot easier.

Also what I like about the e-mails are the numerous links.  There’s a link for each book’s Amazon page, and there are also links to share each book directly with facebook and/or Twitter.  With just one or two quick clicks, I can share these new books on my potential to-read list with my friends, family, and colleagues. 

What do you think about this new notification service?  Is this something you’d be interested in using?  Why or why not?  Let us know!
(Thanks to Cheryl Rainfield, YA author, for sharing the info about Any New Books? on Google+.)

By: Anne Greenawalt. Find me on Twitter, Google+, and my website!


Margo Dill said...

Thanks for letting us know about this!


Anonymous said...

Excellent information, Margo! As a former student, I can say you're full of good info! I hope to take another class soon - and thanks again!

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