5 Ways to (Re-)Capture Creativity

Sunday, October 10, 2010
Last week, the kids had a day off from school because the weather was so bad. Lots of rain within five days and we were all climbing the walls. Often I focus on what I can do to keep the kids occupied and doing something creative.
While the raindrops fell, I started thinking about many of the activities writers can do to help re-kindle some creativity. While I have a lot of ideas of things to do to tap into one's creativity, here are five ideas I had while cooped up inside:
1. Venture outdoors. While weather might be a factor on some days, getting outside for a walk, a run or a session on the rocking chair can help shift your mood. Especially as we head into the colder months, make time to get outdoors. Taking a fresh breath can re-adjust and revive stale thoughts. Exploring a new-to-you park can open a different wavelength, as well.
2. Take out a blank sheet of paper and write without an agenda. Seems obvious to suggest to a writer to take out a blank sheet of paper, but not having an agenda or a daily word count at stake can free your thinking and get those words on the page. So, take a blank sheet and just let go. You'll be surprised what you uncover once you start.
3. Turn off the TV. Sure, we all need a little time to relax. If you find that your day is getting over scheduled by your program guide or your Tivo, take a little time away from the screen. While I sometimes get inspired by some of the programs I watch, I know that when I spend too much time watching TV, it can sap me of some of my creativity.
4. Open your closet and be silly. Don't we all have that one item (or two) that is just a little sillier than we normally would dress? (Or am I the only one?) Dress yourself up or down and revel in your silliness. Often we spend our days dressing for success, take a little "you time" dressing for silliness. It is freeing and will connect you with some creativity you had tucked away behind your holiday sweaters.
5. Call a friend. Each time I feel drained and feeling dull, I call the friend (or three). You know these friends...the ones who can make you laugh until you cry. These are the friends who make you feel energized after you spend 5 minutes just talking (without an agenda). Take 10 minutes and feel the energy.
Hope these suggestions help you re-connect with your creative self.
When Elizabeth King Humphrey is not digging in the back of her closet for a feather boa, she's a writer and creativity coach.


Miriam Sagan said...

I enjoyed this--on target!

Unknown said...

Great suggestions!
A walk in the great outdoors often works for me.
Also, I try to remember to be prepared for when creativity strikes by always carrying a pen and folded piece of paper in my pocket. I have used the proverbial paper serviettte in a restaurant!

Pip Green said...

I always find a nice walk gets my mind buzzing. Although if the weather is bad, a long drive has the same effect! And yes, a pocket full of mini-notepads and at least one pen always travel with me too.

Erika said...

I love these suggestions! Thanks for the pick me up!

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