Writing is Exhilarating

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mountain climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving and writing are challenging and exhilarating. It may seem strange to put writing in the same category as physically strenuous activities, but writing is strenuous, challenging and exhilarating.

Writing is challenging in several ways. It takes:
  • Thinking, planning and processing
  • Finding the right subject
  • Finding the right words
  • Deciding what would best benefit the reader
  • Constantly improving the craft of writing
Writing is strenuous. It takes:
  • Hours of research
  • Often getting up early or staying up late
  • Juggling other careers
  • Working around family obligations
  • Rejections deplete energy
Writing is exhilarating. It gives:
  • Confidence
  • Contentment
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Recognition
  • Advancement
Writing is like riding in a Hot Air Balloon. Butterflies flutter around in the stomach at the anticipation of putting thoughts on paper. The mind rises to new heights with each project. The view of the finished work is awesome.

What happens when the bungee stretches too far or when the heart doesn't always flutter with anticipation? Deadlines are overwhelming. The subject matter seems inaccessible. The mind and body have grown too tired or too stressed to press forward. The mountain appears too large to scale.
Help is within. Pull from the very things that are the heaviest. Turn weakness into strength.  Put on that parachute and jump.

Buck up to the writing challenge. Some ways are:
  1. Take a walk (leisurely or brisk)
  2. Do extra research
  3. Overwrite (and then pare it down)
  4. Use the biggest words you can find (and then simplify)
  5. Read some of your old projects (they're pretty good, yes?)
Each of us pumps up differently. For me, it would not be mountain climbing, bungee jumping nor skydiving; it would be a dancing, a bike ride or jamming music. Those activities relate directly to my writing. They relieve stress and free my mind to think about my writing challenge.

What are some ways that you buck up or pump up?



Cher'ley said...

I'd love to have the nerve to do all those things, but I can muster the nerve to write about them.

Carol said...

Hi cherley, I enjoy reading your stories, I wish I could write what I feel but I cantput them in words like you do. But I would like to ride in a hot air Ballon. LOL.You do a really good jod in you writing Keep up the good work. Carol

Cher'ley said...

Thanks Carol. I don't think I have the nerve for the hot air balloon, that's why I write. LOL

Rabab Khan said...

For me, it has to be the writing of other, more successful writers. When I read something that has the power to inspire me, I am all pumped up for my challenge. :)

Cher'ley said...

Other writers are inspiring, especially if you're reading something and you think, how brilliant is this or you WOW at the way they weave in a particular part.

This morning my minds been heading toward my WIP, it's been a couple of weeks since I've worked on it.

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