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Monday, January 18, 2010
If you're in the process of editing your NaNoWriMo manuscript, novel, or short story and find that a scene isn't working, it may have one of these problems listed below. See if you can pinpoint the problem and apply the quick-fix solution!

Scene drags at the beginning
Problem: Too much exposition
Solution: Get your characters interacting right away--at least by the second paragraph. Provide them with a conflict. The story of how they got there and why can wait.

Scene has too much dialogue
Problem: "Talking head" syndrome
Solution: Break up dialogue with actions, gestures, or character's thoughts. For example, instead of having a character say, "I'm so sorry," have them place a hand on the other character's shoulder. Instead of having a character say, "I'm so angry!" have them throw something. Remember, dialogue is a vehicle for moving the plot forward--for characterization, background information, description of other characters, and for creating suspense and building tension. If you allow dialogue to fill a whole scene, most likely, your characters will end up talking all over the place about anything and everything, and your action and narrative will suffer.

Reader can't visualize the scene
Problem: Not enough setting description
Solution: Add descriptive details to the setting to ground your reader. You don't want these characters in a blank room. Your reader needs to know where they are--just a few descriptive sentences. Choose descriptions that enhance the mood of the scene.

The scene is...(yawn) boring
Problem: The scene doesn't advance the plot
Solution: Cut it! If there are some parts of the scene you really love, you can combine those ideas with one of your existing scenes to make it more vibrant.

Tension has waned
Problem: Too many slow scenes in a row
Solution: If the scene is still good for character development, you may want to keep it, but you should consider rearranging your scenes.

Scene starts off strong but fizzles out at the end
Problem: Misplaced climax
Solution: Rewrite the scene and put the emotional high point at the end.

Good luck!


GunDiva said...

Thank you, I'm just know getting ready to roll up my sleeves and wade into editing my NaNo. These tips will help, as I know that a lot will have to be chopped.

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