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Sunday, May 17, 2009
This seemed too appropriate for me today, my birthday, to write about: greeting card writing. It was one of the first topics I thought of when I started writing for this blog, but for whatever reason, I neglected to write about it so far.

I do not know about you, but when I go into a store looking for cards, I am usually more devious than I would normally be. I go for the obnoxious cards, although not the ones with music. I look for the puns, the digs, the disses, and for the jokes of a child.

Most of all, however, I look for something that makes me laugh. That said, how does someone take the comedies of life's situations and depict them in so few words and so little artwork? How do they just know the intended audience and inside jokes of our lives well enough for us to shell out several dollars on what is in essence a folded piece of paper?

If one goes into a web search engine (Yahoo, Altavista, Google, etc.) and searches for "how to be a greeting card writer" or "the life of a greeting card writer," a truly insightful experience is found. Who knew there were entire classes on how to write greeting cards ( I know I did not until I read Sandra Miller-Louden's site. The tips of the trade and even the addresses of various companies are listed on the website link above as well as elsewhere on the Internet.

Therefore, if any of you are interested, there's another short but sweet writing gig out there for you if you are a witty individual! If nothing else, it could be a fun writing exercise before you get back to the project at hand. Write yourself a congrats card for when you finish!


WOW! said...

Happy Birthday Alison!! I hope you're enjoying your day. :o)



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