Redeeming the passion in your writing

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Writing can be a lonely endeavor. But it is also a rewarding and satisfying one. I appreciate connecting with my readers. I love conducting research into something I don't know much about.
However, even as much as I love writing, it can sometimes seem less than the ideal career choice. Add freelance in front of writer and you might as well also write "not-the-most-secure" in front of career. Sometimes a writer might become discouraged.
As I revised for the umpteenth time one of my articles and had a few conversations with one of my editors, I wondered what would I do if I lost my passion for writing? How would I cope with losing that excitement I have for writing?
During a creativity coaching session, it came to me. As I spoke with another creative soul slogging the creative minefields, her voice registered little excitement about her pursuit. What I suggested for her, I think I would prescribe for myself to rejuvenate any flagging creative spirit.
I would take a class in anything. I would explore a craft or hobby or art that I've had a sneaking desire to do. Pottery? Watercolors? Oil painting? Sketching? Calligraphy? Yes to all.
What might you do to regain a lost passion for your writing or other art?

Elizabeth King Humphrey is a writer and a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. She writes about motherhood at Coastal Carolina Moms and creativity at TheWriteElizabeth. She hopes one day to have enough money and time (and energy) to pursue any and all creative pursuits to keep all sorts of passions alive.


Brenda said...

I met a woman a couple of years ago in a fiction writing workshop, she’s a successful artist (in that she is a painter and earns a living through her passion). She came to the class because of a desire to express herself in words rather than visually. I was there because my words were trapped inside of me, and had started to leak out in doodles and notebooks; in short, they were making me crazy. Sally and I have ended up traveling similar paths, and are now a part of a small writing group. There are six of us, are writing for different reasons. I am taking a poetry workshop this summer for creative exploration. I love poetry, but CANNOT write it, AT ALL. This is a form of torture to me, but somewhere inside I know I will grow as a writer because of this workshop. Good post and a reminder for us writers, branching out is a way to find new inspiration.

Joanne said...

This is so true, where one art informs the other, nudges it, inspires it. I find that photography provides great inspiration for my blog posts as I take everyday pictures and find the parallels to writing, and living a choice life pursuing our individual passions. Photography definitely contributes to my blog writing.

maasaipress said...

Writing like so many things close to our hearts waxes and wanes with passion, but the fire never dies.

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Joi said...

Whenever I see even the slightest beginnings of a burnout, I either take a short break or get creative with my approach.

Sometimes a break is completely out of the question, but there are a few situations when one works brilliantly - even if the break is just long enough for a movie.

Johnny Depp has renewed my passion countless times, but I won't go there!

However, when I'm working on something that I simply can't pull away from, even for Johnny, I'll do something that strikes me as deliciously fun - like getting a favorite Starbucks drink to enjoy while I'm working or going for Chinese carryout and working as I sip on Hot and Sour soup and shove egg rolls into my mouth!

Writing is one of those rare professions that you just can't hide a loss of passion. It's the same with artists and teachers, for that matter - if the passion isn't there, it's obvious.

A lack of passion can be hidden and concealed in many professions, but our chosen one isn't one of them.

Great post!

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