What’s Top of (Your) Mind?

Saturday, May 30, 2009
By Jill Earl

Lately I’ve been reflecting on something I read last month from a newsletter I receive from the Working Solo site, which is targeted to the self-employed. In the April 22 issue, founder Terri Lonier spoke of how a simple question from close friend Jerry Michalski, in addition to opening the door to meaningful conversation, causes her to ponder on what’s really foremost in her thoughts.

That question, “What’s top of mind?”, says Ms. Lonier, “makes you consider what is most important in your life and work, and what commands your attention at present.” In answering that for myself, I focused on a couple of the questions included in the article and how they relate to my writing, and the results follow.

* What idea, experience, or encounter intrigues you enough that you want to share it (and perhaps launch a discussion) with someone like Jerry?

After attending the Conversations & Connections Conference in Washington, D.C. last month, I was able to share that experience with Amy, a fellow attendee and new writing friend. During our discussions that day, we found that we shared the same faith; liked many of the same books, music and artists; compared notes after our respective editors meetings and sessions; and challenged each other in our writing. We’ve even ‘friended’ each other on Facebook. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to attend the Festival of Faith & Writing together next year.

* What has brought you the most joy or satisfaction recently? Why?

Right now, it’s the online magazine writing class I’m currently taking that’s giving me great satisfaction. I’d wanted to take that type of class for a while to explore another genre and expand my knowledge base. And I looked no further than the WOW! Women On Writing Classes & Workshops offerings. Yeah, I know, shameless plug, but check them out anyway!

Find the full article in the Working Solo archives here: http://www.workingsolo.com/minute060.html.

While you’re there, check out the latest issue of Working Solo Minute and sign up for the newsletter. I’ve found it to be quite helpful in my writing career.

What’s top of mind? Ask yourself that the next time you need to reflect on what's really happening with you and your writing.


Joi said...

Wonderful advice! Thank you. This is very sound advice - because if you aren't passionate about what you're writing, you won't be writing for long!

I find that a few of my biggest passions, or things that are often at the top of my mind, are animals and children. I guess that's why I write about each so often.

Oh, and chocolate and coffee. Mustn't ever forget them!

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