Friday Speak Out: "Write What You Know? Or Not," Guest Post by Michele Howe

Friday, May 22, 2009
Write What You Know? Or Not.

by Michele Howe

When two of my closest friends became single moms over sixteen years ago, I had no idea that their trials, tribulations and challenges would the become the touchstone of my writing career. What began as a therapeutic way to tell my friends' stories (and to help other single moms) has grown into multiple articles, four books, and a column. All because my dear friends were willing to share their story, first with me, and then to others.

Right after their divorces, I recall being amazed and so proud of these women's hard choices and how they determined to raise their family solo in positive, proactive ways. As a good friend and onlooker, I'd carefully watch, ask questions, and then cheer them both on. Over time, I started writing article after article, telling readers how to tackle the various challenges of being a new single mom, from which "Going It Alone: Meeting the Challenges of Being a Single Mom" published by Hendrickson Publishers was developed.

As time went on and their lives changed and morphed (and still single), I continued to be amazed and wowed at my friends' ongoing savvy skill at parenting. So, at midlife (theirs and mine), "Still Going It Alone: Mothering with Faith and Finesse When the Children Have Grown" (Hendrickson) was born.

It always surprises me when people ask me how I come up with writing material because I never have to look further than my own experience or beyond the experiences of those I love. Everyone has a story to tell. Not everyone has someone to tell it for them. Writers have that privilege to be the voice for another person and what a blessed privilege it is.

Michele Howe is an author and Single Parenting Columnist.


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