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Monday, October 13, 2008
I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I get a coupon or come across a sale, I’m really bad. Right now, the problem seems to book companies sending me online coupons and advertisements about their sales (I mean, who can turn down a good read, especially when it’s on clearance?!). See, when I am in a store, I have unusual self-restraint. However, the click of a mouse and the advent of more limitless inventories on the Internet, well, bad news!

This weekend got me thinking.
Where do you female writers tend to get books to read?
Are you more of the library visit type, or do you hit up yard sales and recycled book vendors?
Do you stick to the traditional establishments?
How many of you do your shopping online?
Lastly, what determines your buying habits? Is it how many books or how discounted they are?

Likewise, what do you do with a good read when you’re finished?
Give it to a friend,
Donate it to a library or book drive,
Re-sell it,
Or keep it forever?

I suppose what it comes down to is some of us need to find cheaper avenues, and also ways to find what we are looking for, yet not at a source where we can easily go overboard or end up with more books than we can store in our cramped personal library corners. In closing, I guess that I’ll bookmark this blog entry. That way, the next time that online coupon hits my inbox, I could be reminded to try to hold out or practice that same self-restraint I do in the store. Then, I could be making it to the checkout without having to spend an hour shortening the list of books in my online shopping cart!


Anonymous said...

I have a wonderful thrift store that is on my way home from work. I love to go in and browse the shelves for books. I also order from ebay and Found a 20 book collection of LaVyrle Spencer on ebay for a very reasonable price.

As for when I finish a book, I usually hang on to it because I do like to re-read books. My daughter and I also swap-out books.

Anonymous said...

I love the new book store, but man that's a lot of money. Right now I do a lot of paid book reviews, so that's helpful, but obviously t hose books feel like work to me!

As for what I do afterward--- PaperBackBookSwap! It's the best.

Lucia said...

Depends on what it is I want to read. If it's a classic I just have to have as part of my personal library, or from a favorite author I will plop down good old fashioned plastic! Otherwise the public library, if only I could just remember to return them on time....
Allena: as payment for my book review, the editor lets me keep them. Sometimes I wish for cold hard cash though...

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