Proceeding to Checkout: The Response

Sunday, October 19, 2008
By Jill Earl

Last week in her post, ‘Like to Proceed to Checkout?’, WOW! teammate Alison got me thinking about my own book-buying habits, which can be found below.

My book buying habits are determined more by interest and how discounted they are. I’ve set up wish lists at a pair of online bookstores, with copies saved on my computer. Once I’ve made my choices and factor in the genre(s) and/or author(s) striking my fancy at the time, then I move on to the purchase.

Topping the list is my local library. It’s here during my Saturday visits where there’s often a lack of self-restraint. They have a darn good sale section, with frequent overstocks of new releases, all for ridiculously low prices. This is the place where I seriously get my book on!

Writers’ conferences are in the mix, coming in second. This is where I pick up the how-to’s and other resources every few months or so. And sometimes, back issues of journals and magazines are available for reduced prices , great opportunity to research new markets.

Third would be good old brick-and-mortar bookstores. Definitely don’t rush me here! A friend tried that once---twenty minutes, can you imagine? Fortunately for him, the cheesecake smoothed things over. Barely. I seldom leave without my trade magazines at least. And some chocolate. Gotta keep one’s strength up while wandering the aisles!

And last for me are online bookstores. Like Alison, I receive online sale ads with coupons from these places and have recently used them to place a couple of orders. I usually do more virtual window shopping than ordering, though.

Even though I do try to budget, it’s getting a bit out of hand. For one, no one’s been able to sit on my loveseat for ages, so I need to think more about budgeting for a couple of bookcases rather than books.

One thing’s for certain, I’ll be more careful with future book buying. Accountability is always a good thing.

Thanks, Alison!


Anonymous said...


Sorry to ask this here, but can we get an update on who has been notified for the summer contest? Have the top ten been notified? And how about Honorable Mentions?


Anonymous said...

Hey Alison,

Thank you for the idea!

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