It's Cube-Breaking Time!

Saturday, October 11, 2008
By Jill Earl

I’m about to step into a new genre of writing, that is, new to me. A local screenwriting competition has just begun. The early deadline is about a month away, but I’m going for the late deadline next January. Think I’ll need the time.

Screenwriting has been in my thoughts for some time apparently. I’ve only just realized that I’d been reading books on the genre, and had attended sessions at past conferences. I’m signing up for another workshop at a conference next month and have looked into taking classes.

I’m definitely doing something new with my writing life. Fits in with the theme of WOW!’s September/October issue, ‘Breaking Out of Your Cube’. As mentioned in the ‘Editor’s Desk’ section, it’s about ‘taking a chance on writing, believing in yourself, and shifting your focus’.

Did I feel the need to do some cube-breaking? Not really. I’m taking a chance on trying a genre I’ve never written in before, and entering the contest because I want to see what I can produce. The competition will be intense and it would be great if I place or received an honorable mention. More than likely, that won’t happen and that’s okay.

Then again, my screenplay may win another screenwriting contest. Or I might place in the local competition in the future. For any of that to happen, I have to believe in myself. Take classes. Attend workshops and conferences. Write and gain experience.

What about you? Have you broken any cubes in your writing lately? Tell me about it!

And, don’t forget to check out ‘Breaking Out of Your Cube’, the September/October issue of WOW! for some great ideas and inspiration!


Joanne said...

After finishing a fiction manuscript, I broke out of the cube with a blog, which is actually tied in to the theme of the manuscript. It's nice to be able to switch genres, change things up a bit.

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