Questions Writers Ask

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Besides the typical questions we, writers, are supposed to ask like, "What is my character's motivation?" or "How can I put a better lede on this article?" or "What's an available market for my work?" Here are some other questions you may find yourself asking:

1. To your family: What do you mean you can't eat lunch meat for dinner for the third night in a row?

2. To your significant other, roommate, or parent: When am I supposed to have time to clean my house/room? (With the added comment: I can still see the floor just fine, and the dust isn't thick enough yet.)

3. To yourself: Am I supposed to exercise every single day and not just once a month? Aren't my fingers getting a good enough workout on the keyboard for the rest of me?

4. To your dog or cat or other such pet: What are you looking at? What do you want me to get up from my computer and do? When are you going to learn to feed yourself?

5. To the clock: Couldn't that minute hand just go a little slower? How can my deadline be here already?

If normal people, like our family members, were reading this post, they would think we writers are crazy. But as a writer, you have probably uttered these questions or at the very least, thought them. Do you have any others you could add?

Happy Writing!
Margo Dill


Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog.
Great...thanks for sharing.

Terry Finley

Annette said...

I have one: Am I really supposed to change out of my pjs before dinner time? I'm eventually going back to bed again anyway. LOL

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