A Day of Rest

Sunday, March 02, 2008
By Valerie Fentress

For hundreds of years no matter your background, it's usually tradition to have one day of the week as a day of rest. But for writer's committing a day to step away from the grind is often hard to do because of deadlines, or internal and external pressures to make a goal.

Granted sometimes the creative process does require a nap or two during the week, but the 'Day of Rest' is not meant just as a day to sleep, but a day to step away, enjoy family, catch up on that book you wanted to read for fun.

Iknow you're saying, 'I don't have time for that. There's too much going on.'

But I ask you, how is the quality of your work?

I find my work to suffer greatly if I don't step away from it all and just let my mind be free. Free of the to do list, free of life's pressures, free to contemplate those crazy ideas swimming around up there. For some your greatest inspiration comes from the speed and pressure of life, but how are you feeling when you step away from your work? Tired? Drained? Unmotivated?

Not matter your personality or work style our human little bodies need rest both physically and mentally. So if you feel the pressure rising and the words aren't coming, take the day off. Go for a walk, read for FUN, chat with someone you've been meaning to. Your creative mind will thank you for it. :)

Happy Writing!


Marcia Peterson said...

So true, Valerie. Hope you had a relaxing Sunday. :)

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