Jill Buckwald, Runner up

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WOW! chatted with runner up Jill Buckwald about her contest entry, Honker Brooks.
Jill, congrats on being runner up. Honker Brooks was such a cute story. What inspired it? Just imagination and the prompt or something from real life?

It really was just the prompt and some creative thinking. I actually started to write a second story, but chose this one because of the humor.

WOW: Humor is always great in a story, I think. How did you react when you got the news you were the winner?

I was ecstatic! This was the first contest I had ever entered, and the first piece that anyone besides my husband, children and instructor from Long Ridge, had ever seen. I must admit, I think I checked the website a hundred times after I got the news that I was in the top ten.

WOW: How cool to be your first contest win. (I bet there will be many more.) What about your family...were they excited for you?

Absolutely! This is my first published piece! My husband has been singing my praises all week long.

WOW: Your husband sounds like a great guy. It's so nice when they support you and your writing. What kinds of things inspire you to write?

Most of the pieces I have written are for children. My own children, and the ones I look after during the day inspire my writing. Watching them interact and play, I come up with so many new ideas. I also look to my own childhood and pull out my most fond memories.

WOW: If there was one bit of advice you could pass on to other aspiring writers, what would it be?

Keep going. I am new to this whole writing business, but the one thing I know for sure is that I am passionate about it. You have to keep trying if you want to succeed.

WOW: That's such great advice. What projects are you working on now and is there anything we should be looking for soon?

I am still working on my course through Long Ridge, and have just decided I have enough market research to send out one or two of my stories. I hope to have some publishing news in the future!

WOW: Good luck with those submissions. I'm sure you'll be sharing good news soon. Be sure to let us know so we can share your good news with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Your story brought me joy today. What fun! Glad to read your interview. I hope you publish many many stories.

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