Thursday, July 26, 2007
I'm a list maker. No way around it. And most of the time, most of the things get done. Usually the ones that are most important. Or at least the ones with deadlines looming. I'm getting better about meeting deadlines. In this business, you have to be.

However there was a time when my favorite thing about deadlines was the "whooshing" sound they make rushing by.

I've done the goal setting thing, the resolution thing, the do it and reward yourself thing and failed at all of them. I want to share what works for me. It's a little thing called DUH!

D - Do it first or as close as humanly possible.

U - Understand it may be inconvenient and/or difficult and do it anyway.

H- Hurray, celebrate! You did it!

Here's why it works for me. There isn't much worse than going to bed with things that needed to be done still needing to be done. The guilt robs me of sleep and I lay there berating myself for not getting things done. By applying "D", I don't have to dread doing it or the results of not doing it.

The "U" also reminds me it may not be fun. For example, exercise. Not fun but definitely got to be done.

My favorite is the "H". We should celebrate our accomplishments everyday. No matter how small they are.

I'd love to take credit for this little system but just can't. I found it on Margie Lawson's website. Here's the link. Give it a good read over. She explains it very well.

Now, apply as needed:--)


Angela Mackintosh said...

Jean, Great post!

I'm a list maker myself and can't stand going to bed with something on my mind that hasn't been done. I'll have work-worries, my sleepy brain spinning from trying to find unmet solutions, covers crunched in a bunch, and if and when I finally do go to sleep I'll wake up a few hours later in the same predicament.

I think I'll use the 'DUH' method... what a perfect name ;-)

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