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Thursday, May 31, 2007
The other day Angela asked me to come up with some answers for the "Balancing Life & Writing" poll for the June issue. And while I've read the articles already, that's one of the perks of being an editor I still don't think I came up with anything helpful. In fact, my first thought was..."Balance, what's that?"

I hate to admit it but I'm not balanced. Not in my everyday life or my writing. In fact, my writing tends to consume me. I stagger half asleep to my computer first thing every morning and stay there most of the day. In the evenings I write, research or revise instead of watching television. Even when the computer is finally turned off right before bedtime, I still think about plot lines, characters or ideas for articles until I fall asleep. And of course, there are the many times I wake up in the middle of the night with just the right plot twist, witty line of dialogue or cool new idea that has to be written down right quick.

So, what's an obsessive writer to do? I'll definitely be reading the articles in the June issue several times and applying them where I can. But I'm also taking a bit of time off for myself and spending it with my family and our church friends. We are doing the "camping" thing this weekend so I really don't have much choice:-)

I plan to walk through some forests and listen to the sound of wildlife. I'll swim in the cool water and let the warm sand squish between my toes. When sitting around the campfire, I'll take a deep breath of the smoke, let it sting my eyes and enjoy the warmth of the flames. And before calling it a night, I'm going to sit in the dark under the stars and let the wind play with my hair. As I lay awake in the darkness I'll listen to the night sounds around children whispering back and forth to each other, the occasional armadillo or possum and hopefully hear some coyotes.

Then when I come home...I'm going to use it all in a story:--)

For now though, I'm off to finish packing.

What about you? While waiting for the new issue of WOW! to be posted on the 5th, take a look at yourself. How balanced are you and if you have any suggestions to become a bit more balanced be sure to let us know.



Sue said...

Your honesty is so refreshing! And, really, you have one of the best attitudes I've encountered in a long time--by always looking at events, people, and other stuff through a jeweled glass. I feel the same about camping, in general, but here you are looking at it from the angle of "escaping" your writers' obsessions. That's marvelous! I hope you come back refreshed (well, maybe after a shower completes that feeling). Enjoy nature!

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