Congrats to "our" Chynna!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007
One of the hardest things for a writer to do is hit that "send" button or drop their manuscript/query in the mail. We all battle those shoulder vultures that sit and whisper things like "no one wants to read your writing", "you're not a real writer" and "what makes you think you have something worth sharing". Yet, we keep on beating them back, pulling out their tail feathers and sending out our work.

And, eventually it pays off:--) Our own Chynna Laird tells us she had three articles accepted this week. WOW! Way to go girl, you rock!

Now it's time for the rest of us to hit the send button or put that query manuscript in the mail. Need someone to get you motivated? Then consider this your cyber challenge. Send out one query or manuscript before next Thursday and let everyone here know about it.

Or, need someone to hold you accountable? Then post in the comment section requesting a writing buddy. If you don't want to leave your email addy, then email me and I'll put you in contact with another willing writer.

Here's a bit of fun self-promotion and a unique twist to a writer's website.

And speaking of self-promotion...I want to invite you all to visit us over at StoryCrafters. We are a small little group of writers of all different craft levels and genres. We have a great forum board with lots of information, fellowship and encouragement.

Now...go dust off that piece you've been holding onto and send it out.


Oh, I sent out my query to Byline Mag not long ago so I'm waiting on you:--)


Sue said...

Thanks for the kick in my gears! I sent one off last week and one this week, both were manuscripts for contests, one fiction, one non-fiction. Does this count? Or should I shoot for another one? Hmmm. Okay, Jean, I'll try to send another one off by next week. This ought to be fun!

Angela Mackintosh said...

Congratulations Chynna!! Whoo-hoo way to go!

I think there should be some kind of award for having three manuscripts accepted in a week... that's amazing. :-)

Maybe we should hold a challenge of some sort, that would be great. I love your idea of motivation Jean - an accountability partner/writing buddy.

I love reading posts like this because it makes me want to make time to do more for my own writing. We can all make time somehow right? Even business owners who take cat naps. ;-)

Anonymous said... totally awesome of you. Thanks, Jean. I wish I'd seen this sooner.

Actually, it may seem like alot but I sent the queries out for those jobs MONTHS ago. They just accepted in the same week. LOL Goes to show everyone: never give up!

I'll totally have to check out StoryCrafters.


PS: Byline is a great one. ;o)

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