Time to Write by Emily Winslow: Reader Review Event and Giveaway

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Time to Write by Emily Winslow Reader Review Event

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a special reader review event with author Emily Winslow. Below, our readers share their insights into her book Time to Write.

You'll have the chance to find out more about this book and the author Emily Winslow. Join us as we celebrate this inspiring author and her latest release.

First, here's more about the book:

Time to Write by Emily Winslow
Have you always wanted to write a novel?

Emily Winslow will help you develop the mindset and skills to get you started, keep you going, and see you through. Time to Write is a creative writing guide aimed at anyone who wants to write a novel and could use some support.

It contains 49 lessons, each easy to read and packed with insights based on experience. Emily has taken her own work to high levels with major publishers, and has learned from teaching at Cambridge University what makes students light up and what makes their work drastically, excitingly improve.

This book is full of encouragement, recognizing and affirming different work styles. It's a total handbook, teaching a broad range of specific writing skills with insight and clarity as well as covering topics around writing in-depth, such as how to give and take critique and how to evaluate publishers and agents.

It's time to write the stories inside you!

Print length: 275 pages

Popular life and business coach Kristen King recognizes the value of creative writing on mental health and self image:

“Emily’s insights skillfully draw out not just words and stories, but also self-awareness, perspective, and connection. Whether you're working on a book-length project, dabbling in personal essay, or just trying to figure out who the hell you are, this book is a must-have for anyone who thinks their words and stories aren't enough.” 

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Here's what WOW! readers had to say:

In my opinion, Time To Write is one of the best creative writing guides that I've come across, not merely because the author clearly knows what she is talking about, but because she is genuinely encouraging and enthusiastic. She explains that in most instances there are no hard and fast rules about writing - it's your novel, you write it how you want to write it, but where there are rules she explains them and why they are important. ~ Helen Hollick, author
One of the book's standout features is its ability to speak to a diverse audience. Whether you're a seasoned writer looking for a fresh perspective or someone just starting, Winslow's words resonate. Reading Time to Write is like having a mentor in paperback form. Winslow doesn't just teach you about writing, but she includes important lessons on various topics surrounding writing such as publishing, marketing, and mindset.  She empowers you to believe in your own voice and stories. For anyone starting their writing journey or looking for renewed inspiration, this book is not just a recommendation—it's a necessity. ~ Michelle Cornish
Winslow’s love for creative writing clearly shines through the pages, and I would love to have had her as a professor when I was still in college. I cannot recommend this enough, whether you’re just starting out on your journey, somewhere in the middle, or more experienced and looking to improve your craft. A must-read for creative writers! ~ Lilyana Shadowlyn 
Time to Write is a masterful compendium of thoughts, ideas, information and lessons for ANY writer, not just those who've already published or those writing novels. Short chapters zeroing in on writing specifics such as POV, Metaphors and Similes, Showing and Telling, First Person, Third Person, etc. are given with unique samples and examples. Laced in with the basics are tidbits of Ms. Winslow's philosophy of writing; things you'll not find in any other book on writing, such as the importance of daydreaming, brainstorming and what-iffing to the writing process.

I binge read this book on writing! Who does that? It's that good. I wish it had been available before I finished my novel. If you can only buy one book on writing, buy this one! You won't go wrong with TIME TO WRITE! ~ Sandra Warren

What a wonderful book on writing this is! Author Emily Winslow takes you through every stage and aspect of writing a book. From gathering ideas to your writing technique to word choices to dialogue to everything else in between, she offers helpful tips to help you get out of your own way and write. What I loved was how short and easy to read the chapters were. She provides just enough information for you to feel as if you really gained enough material about a topic and leave you with thoughts on how to possibly change your approach. She's not about hard and firm rules but rather offering you a perspective on maybe a better way. Definitely a book I recommend! ~ Nicole Pyles 

 Insightful, bite-sized masterclasses, and so easy to read!

When I started it, pen and paper ready, I had expectations of moving through this book like a writing workshop. Instead, I found myself gobbling up each chapter the same way I'd rush through a captivating novel. ~ Kirsten Webster

I often wonder if reading another craft book will help me on my writing journey. Sometimes I am disappointed, but in this case, I found a lot to love about this book.

The book is broken down into seven sections in an easy to read, straightforward manner. First, Winslow outlines the two different skills that are necessary for writers to have—writing and storytelling. Writing skills discussed include everything from metaphors and similes to showing and telling to flashbacks and exposition. Storytelling skills include structure, plot, and scenes. Winslow continues on with sections on technical skills (such as, punctuation, and transitions), facing the middle (cause and effect, revelations), being understood by others (depth, clarity), the professional life (publishers, agents), and your future.

My favourite section is “Being Understood by Others”, which goes in depth into critiques, something which is a continual source of frustration to many writers including me. I love how Winslow states that praise is just as important as criticism, how criticism is not supposed to be thought of as fixing something bad, but making something good become even better, and how there is a difference between critiquing intention and execution (hint: one is a no no).

I unearthed many other tiny gems throughout the book, such as the most important part of description is its relevance. I recommend this to any writer wherever you are on your writing journey. ~ Linda Schueler 
Wow, what a treat to read this comprehensive writing guide from acclaimed author Emily Winslow! Writers of all levels can find takeaways here. For example, the key to description and metaphor is character relevance. You can share a character’s height, but it’s more relevant to say that the top row of cabinets in her kitchen go unused and that’s why she never noticed a mysterious box. There are short, succinct chapters on POV, flashbacks and exposition, dialogue, and more. All include eye opening examples from authors and Emily’s own work! She dives into outlining and plotting and what makes readers turn the page, which she describes as wonder and worry. Every chapter needs action, even if it’s as simple as a character putting on makeup; but the relevance would be that the character is doing it to prepare for manipulating someone. There are a couple of sections on blurbs and an extensive section on technical. My favorite chapter may be the one on middles, since I don’t think they’re covered enough. Emily provides a plethora of ideas to twist the middle and change the way you think about your story. She even covers the elusive feedback of clarity, when a reader doesn’t understand the piece, and provides fixes. This type of instruction can only come from a seasoned author.

But this book covers more than the craft of writing; it’s also about the business. Emily talks about publishing, traditional and indie, and money! Royalties, advances, and the downsides, like what happens to that advance when your book doesn’t sell well. She covers agents, rejection, and the professional rollercoaster of being a career author. Emily also provides a lot of encouragement. In the opening, she says it’s easy to get down on ourselves when we don’t write, but that is dismissing the value of non-writing work and the gifts they contain. I also believe there is value in non-writing, whether gathering life experience or daydreaming or chores. That’s where my best writing ideas manifest! 

For a complete writing guide full of sparks and fantastic insights, I highly recommend Time to Write by Emily Winslow. Emily’s guide brims with her passion for storytelling and helping other writers succeed in the craft and business of writing. ~ Angela Mackintosh

More about author Emily Winslow:

Emily Winslow
Emily Winslow is the author of a series of crime novels and a memoir. Her books have been published by Random House, HarperCollins, Allison & Busby, and Shanghai Translation Publishing House.

Her novels (The Whole World, The Start of Everything, The Red House, and Look For Her) have been called “brilliant” (The Washington Post), “vivid” (Parade magazine) and “dazzling” (Shelf Awareness). Her memoir, Jane Doe January, is “meticulously constructed and ultimately terrifying” (The New York Times), “potent” (Kirkus), and “compelling” (Bustle).

She grew up in the U.S. and now lives in Cambridge, England teaching for the University of Cambridge and for Cambridge Creative Writing Company.

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