The Writing On The Wall by Marilyn Howard: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Monday, October 09, 2023


The Writing on the Wall by Marilyn Howard

I'm excited to announce the launch of author Marilyn Howard's blog tour for her memoir The Writing on the Wall. Declared by Kirkus Reviews as one of 36 great indie books worth discovering, it is a perfect book to read if you want to feel inspired to push past your limits while being entertained along the way. We'll be interviewing the author and giving you a chance to win your own copy of the book.

Before we get to all that, here is more information about the book:

An astounding true story of a young woman driven by her desire to escape chauvinism blazes a whirlwind path full of mystical encounters and unexpected adventures. From love to lawsuits, her business and personal life intertwine, bringing her to untold heights. Uncanny predictions at a chance encounter with a Fulbright Scholar from India follow her throughout life, as if written on the wall and fated to happen.

Chauvinism from her youth makes her determined to explore opportunities. She breaks through a glass ceiling of seventy men, enjoys traveling for a year, and returns to found an innovative startup in New York City. Whether skiing the powdery snow in Aspen, or waking up on a beach in Mexico to men with machine guns, each adventure brings challenges and insights to add to an ever-broadening awareness. A lucky break merges with swirling thoughts to ignite a new business. Running a successful startup attracts ADWEEK Magazine of New York. She places first on their list of "The Dynamic Dozen." It should have been smooth sailing, but sharks were circling. A court battle followed.

Entertaining and inspirational stories are told from pivotal times in history. Readers gain skills about life and business. The narrative will make you laugh at humanity, provoke anger at infuriating situations and leave you inspired to reach goals. Stimulating questions are raised, which will generate a deeper introspection.

Publisher: Hammond Publishing (August 2019)
ISBN-10: 1733319638
ISBN-13: 978-1733319638
Print Length: 293 pages

Purchase a copy of The Writing On The Wall on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and You can also add it to your GoodReads reading list.

About the Author, Marilyn Howard

Marilyn Howard broke through the glass ceiling at Grey Advertising of New York to become their first female art director while in her early twenties. In 1970, she founded an innovative startup. Creative Freelancers Inc. became the first agency to connect businesses with freelance artists and writers, and operated for over 25 years in the center of Manhattan. ADWEEK Magazine of New York featured her in “The Dynamic Dozen,” those women under forty they identified as most likely to succeed. In 1997, her company became the first agency on the Internet. The author holds a B.F.A. from Syracuse University.

Visit her online at:

-- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: Congratulations on your memoir, The Writing on the Wall! What inspired you to write this?

Marilyn: In my teens, the surrounding advice frustrated me. I joked I would figure it out and write a book about life and love someday. It was just an idle fantasy I didn’t expect to happen. I studied commercial art and went into business. Much later, when in my 50s, I had to give a talk about my life, so I started writing. Ten years later, I had the eureka moment when rereading. 

I realized my life was a unique and entertaining story from a pivotal time in the women’s movement. I began my startup business in 1970, two years before MS Magazine. It lasted over twenty-five years in the center of Manhattan. I didn’t have today’s resources but had a deep desire to overcome the chauvinism of my youth and search for adventure. I knew it was an astonishing story.   

WOW: I love that you ended up doing exactly what you thought you'd do in your teens. In the book, you talk about breaking through the glass ceiling to achieve phenomenal results in your career. Why did you believe it was so important to share that experience with other women?

Marilyn: There are less glass ceilings waiting to be broken today, but some still exist. I had the right credentials, but was told in my advertising agency job interview, “Don’t expect to become an art director. We reserve those jobs for men.” I did an outstanding job, putting in voluntary overtime and going well beyond my job specs. After eight months, they offered me the job. However, chauvinism and hardball office politics didn’t stop. The old boy’s network had some nasty challenges.

I wished I knew when I was young what I know now about life and business. Many things were learned the hard way. I knew others could benefit from my experiences.

WOW: I believe they will, too! What do you hope people gain from reading your book?

Marilyn: The stories in my life will appeal to different people for different reasons. Younger women will be inspired with ideas and knowledge about life and love, older women will identify, the spiritual will ponder questions and answers, and men can learn about women. 

I hope readers come away with a better understanding of a pivotal generation that opened many doors for women today. I also hope my suggestions help others avoid today's potholes. Human nature is unchanged, despite the passage of time. I have been told by readers that the book was of real help and very inspiring. 

WOW: I felt the same way when I read it! What advice do you have for women looking to overcome their own obstacles in their career?

Marilyn: Create a realistic two-year plan for how to achieve goals, while deliberating each obstacle separately. Revise yearly and be practical. Keep your plan in mind, but live in the present and enjoy the moments. Disappointments will happen and surprising gems will appear. 

Have a plan A, B and C. I had a plan A for my book, but Covid hit a few months after publishing. The unexpected threw me off track. After Covid retreated, I felt disheartened, but submitted my book to Kirkus for a review. It hit the jackpot! I received the credential needed, “36 Great Indie Books Worth Discovering.” Even if discouraged, don’t leave stones unturned. Continue to look for new opportunities.

WOW: What awesome recognition you received! You have done a lot of your own marketing for your book. What have you learned through that process?  

Marilyn: The industry wisdom advises to plan a year before publishing. I didn’t understand that reasoning, but I do now. There are mountains of information to read and explore, classes can be taken and mistakes will be made. Targeting the best audience is very important. Both free and pay avenues exist in various places, with a wide range of prices. Getting reviews is a challenging project by itself. It is important to have professional unbiased reviews to quote. Fortunately, they can be purchased, with no guarantee about comments. I’ve found LinkedIn is a good, free way to make useful contacts. They now have a creator section to reach wider audiences. I’m currently experimenting with different marketing methods. Perhaps I will post my conclusions on my web page when I figure it all out.

WOW: I hope you do! What are you working on now that you can tell us about?

Marilyn: Having come from an art director background, I began with the fun part, making the marketing materials. I first created an entertaining trailer and hired a local composer to write the music. That inspired fourteen print ads and eight short teaser videos. I knew about Facebook and LinkedIn and assumed social media promotions would be ideal. Not so. I felt all dressed up with nowhere to go. Finding a target audience of readers is necessary, and each path has its limitations. Then there is the technical learning curve of how to achieve this and test marketing before spending a lot of money. Time frame was tight to do all by the Kirkus promotion date. The marketing process and immense competition can feel overwhelming, but who knows? I’ve won long shots in my life before.

WOW: Best of luck to you with your book! I can't wait to see what's next for you.
The Writing on the Wall by Marilyn Howard Blog Tour

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