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Friday, October 06, 2023
As the weather turns chillier and the holiday seasons come around, many people love to hunker down with a good book. So, we wanted to take advantage of the book vibes and host another group giveaway for authors! It's a wonderful way of gaining a boost in your social media following and bringing some attention to your book.

We're Thankful for Books

Our previous group giveaway events have been a tremendous success! Our very first giveaway "Stay Home and Read" (launched at the height of the pandemic) accumulated over 100,000 entries. Our second giveaway, "The Gift of Reading" received over 75,000 entries. Our third giveaway, "Fall Into Reading," also received over 100,000 entries.
Our next giveaway is "We're Thankful for Books." We'll be launching this around November 6, 2023, and it will last for two weeks.
The biggest benefit to you, as an author, is the boost in social media following. Plus, all the books will be featured in an e-blast that goes out to over 50,000 email subscribers, and featured in a blog post on The Muffin, featuring all the books and authors.
The fee to join is $50 with $10 of that going towards the grand prize winner's gift card.
How do you join in? Simply sign up using this form! The deadline to join in is October 16, so don't wait to join!


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