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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Slow growth is growth. This line from Nicole's post yesterday resonated with me when I read it. I've spent many years working on various creative projects without any way to measure the results. I get discouraged and give up on things (like novels or short stories) too easily. I expected the same thing when I began my podcast a little more than three years ago.

I didn’t even know how to write a podcast script, but I learned. I didn’t know how to research cases and pull them together into cohesive narratives, but I learned. I didn’t know how to record a podcast, what kind of equipment I needed, how to get my show in podcast “feeds,” etc., but you guessed it, I learned! 

I taught myself the craft of storytelling through this new medium and tried not overwhelm myself, because I knew that would lead to me quitting the project altogether. So, slowly, I progressed. I produced short weekly episodes until I realized that was too hard to juggle with my day job. Then I settled into an every other week schedule. I looked at my stats on SoundCloud and noticed true crime episodes (and not just ones featuring missing people) got more downloads, so I integrated those topics into the content. I set up social media pages for the podcast. I learned how to make simple graphics in Canva. I cold called local true crime authors to ask if they wanted to be interviewed and promote their books. And each month, I would go back, analyze my podcast downloads, and tell myself to keep going, but the numbers kept going up. 

Coming up with a brand-new website for the podcast included a few hiccups. When a person I hired to help me with it didn’t share the same vision as I did, I figured out how to do it myself. I’ve been happy with the results and it’s high in the search rankings. My most recent episode, where I shared five true crime documentaries from Netflix, has already received 1,000 downloads in five days. The podcast overall is approaching 125,000 downloads overall and draws listeners both nationally and internationally. 

This past spring, I took all the knowledge I’d gained from working on this podcast and taught a webinar on “How to Start a Podcast.” It brought in more attendees than I ever imagined and another one is planned for August. I hope to develop more content around podcasting in the future. There is still room for more growth I’ve had comments on a few of my YouTube videos that visitors want to see more. I don’t know a lot about producing video content and am wavering on whether I should invest more time and energy into it. I have ideas for monetization, cross promotion with other products I have, such as books, and would love to find a few sponsors and hire someone to help me produce more content. I think that will all take time, so I’m staying the course. 

Renee Roberson is an award-winning writer and host/creator of the podcast, Missing in the Carolinas.


Sue Bradford Edwards said...

Thank you! Everything we do requires so much learning. I suspect that half of this is because we find that new thing over there (whatever that new thing happens to be) extraordinarily tempting! For example -- should I or should I not take a class on podcasting although I don't know what my podcast would be about. Already so many that have to do with writing...

Angela Mackintosh said...

I love this post, Renee! You've learned and created so much along the way, and taking a look back at all you've accomplished must feel amazing. Podcasting is definitely your thing, and you are really good at it. I love how it's creating other avenues of creativity, like your novel and your class. Your download numbers are incredible! And that means you have a solid platform. All of this is forward momentum, and I'm excited to see where it goes. Cheers to slow growth! It's the best kind because it allows you to grow with it along the way. :)

Nicole Pyles said...

I'm so glad you shared this! I have a hard time seeing progress in my work, but when you put it out there like this, it shows a lot of growth!

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