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Monday, June 14, 2021

We are excited to be back with Hugh Fritz and announce the blog tour of Book #2 in the Mystic Rampage Series, Public Display of Aggression. Join us as we interview the author, highlight upcoming spots on the blog tour, and give away a copy of his book. 

First, here is a little bit about Public Display of Aggression: 

Soleil and Flarence are immortal Genies who can bend the fundamental forces of the universe through willpower alone. For centuries, they have considered themselves the most formidable beings in the world, but some newcomers just might give them a run for their money.

Magic has always been limited to living things. Throughout his life, Soleil has never come across an object with supernatural capabilities. Now, a human has somehow constructed guns with the ability to fire spells. Genies are normally resistant to offensive magic, but Soleil knows from experience that the enchanted revolvers harm all creatures equally. 

 Resurrection is one of the few limitations to a Genie’s abilities. Not even magic should be able to bring a person back from death. Recently, though, Flarence saw a corpse not only rise but also fight. Endowed with incredible speed and strength, the revived man seeks revenge on his murderers. 

 To make matters worse, Darren (the third member of the Genie “family”) is still missing. He's been lying low, biding his time, but hasn’t forgotten about Officer Tymbir, and has every intention of settling their score. 

 Darren, the revived corpse, and the man with the magic guns have a list of people to kill, and are eager to spill blood. With the help of Mohinaux and Claire, Soleil and Flarence rush to locate them, uncover the sources of their powers, and find a way to stop them. 

This book is perfect for adults who want to get in touch with their inner child! 

Publisher: Golden Word Books (March 22, 2021) 
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Cyberpunk 
Pages: 196 pages 
ISBN-10: 1948749556 
ISBN-13: 978-1948749558 

Purchase Public Display of Aggression on AmazonOrganic Books, PageOne Books, and Barnesand Noble. Be sure to also add this to your GoodReads reading list.
About the Author Hugh Fritz: 

Hugh Fritz
Hugh Fritz is a fan of monsters, mad scientists, sorcerers, and anything that involves beings with incredible powers beating each other senseless. After years of writing research papers, he decided it was time to give reality a rest and let his imagination run wild. 

Find out more at: 

---  Interview by Crystal Otto 

WOW: Thank you for sticking with your writing during the pandemic; readers were eagerly awaiting the rest of the story. And a special thanks for returning to WOW to help promote your work! It's always fun to work with a returning author and like an old friend; it's great to see you again Hugh! 

Let's get the tough one out of the way right away - talk about an icebreaker! How do you deal with rejection? 

Hugh: I remember that there are many options available, so I don’t dwell on any one missed opportunity. Getting copies of my book into stores has been especially challenging but even though Barnes and Noble doesn’t stock my work, there are other local bookstores that have put it on their shelves. If writing was my sole job I might be more insistent on making my work more public but in my current position I can afford to start small and wait to see if the series gains in popularity slowly. 

WOW: That sounds like great advice - let's keep heading in that direction. What have you learned through the publishing process that you could share with new up and coming authors? 

Hugh: My latest learning experience came from hiring an illustrator. Dividing the workload between the artist and the publisher can be challenging because small changes can lead to heated discussions. Most writers probably don’t consider the model of the printer that is used for their book or the quality of ink cartridges, but when artwork is included those details really do make a difference. 

For example, I asked the publisher to print the images and send them so we could get an idea of what they would look like in the book. I was happy with the printouts I received but the illustrator was not satisfied because the contrast, shading, and dots per inch were off. It turned out the samples were printed on a desktop office printer rather than an industrial mass-production model. The publisher recommended waiting until full copies of the book were printed before expressing disapproval. When the paperbacks were finished the printed copies of them were more satisfying for everyone. I guess my point is that adding pictures to a book requires deep attention to a lot of details that were once nothing to be concerned about. 

WOW: I had no idea - that is such great insider information! I'm glad you shared that with our readers today. Thank you. Speaking of sharing - are you part of a writers group - how has it been beneficial in your process? 

Hugh: I have been part of a writer’s group for about five years now and they have been very helpful by being honest about which chapters work and which don’t. There have been many meetings which I have brought in a section of the story that I spent hours perfecting, only to have people tell me that the character’s actions weren’t believable or the sequence of events was confusing. There have also been plenty of meetings which I brought in a rushed piece and didn’t expect it to be positively received but found the other members really liked it. Some of my best work has started as plot points that I was planning on throwing away, and probably would have if my reviewers hadn’t advised otherwise. 

WOW: I sure hope there was some of your home made beer at some of those meetings? But kidding aside, sounds like you have a great group of people helping you. It's refreshing to hear the positive way your group has helped you! What about journaling? Do you journal? Why or why not? 

Hugh: I do not journal because too much changes for any entries to be reliable. I always have a clear idea of how I want my books to begin and end. When writing a series, I have an idea of how I want the overall story arc to begin and end. The middle is fluid, and I will take a scene in one direction only to decide I don’t like it and change it later on. I usually outline as I go. I come up with chapter titles and write a brief description of what I want to happen in each one. All those descriptions are subject to change and I’ll usually rearrange, delete, or alter the characters involved as the plot develops. 

WOW: You're very focused - I love it! As a driven and focused person, let's talk about stress and self care which can sometimes be sidelined when we get busy. How do you deal with stress and self care - what advice do you have for others?

Hugh: I need to force myself to practice healthy habits. When it comes to self-care I’m vulnerable to stress eating and drinking. I don’t keep a lot of snacks around the house because if I take a break for a “quick bite” it won’t be quick; I’ll help myself to a little bit more, and then a little bit more after that. The only way I can avoid that situation is to make it impossible to start going down that road in the first place. 

I’ve also found that taking more responsibility for myself through gardening is helpful in avoiding overconsumption. Preparing soil isn’t an intense workout but it’s a good excuse to be outside and get some physical activity. It also takes a long time for plants to grow, which provides motivation to make it last. All the work would feel pointless if an entire harvest only lasted one day. 

The same reasoning applies to alcohol. I stay away from hard liquor and stick to beer, which I make in 5-gallon batches. That sounds like a lot, but it takes a minimum of one month to prepare and making one batch last to the next one requires being stingy. Typically, I have to limit myself to one glass a night, otherwise it will be gone too soon. 

WOW: You're full of great advice, but let's turn those tables: What's the best advice you've received and how has it helped you? 

Hugh: Being an author should not be sought as a full-time profession, at least not initially. The main reason is monetary. It’s difficult to sell enough books to cover costs of living. Also, doing something professionally can result in a change in perspective. If my lifestyle was based on book sales I’d have to be more forceful in trying to get people to read it, and it would also come with a greater expectation to meet deadlines. I might even have to change my writing style to make it more marketable. That would likely make the overall process less enjoyable. I do want people to read this series and hear what they think of it, so writing is not something I just do for fun, but it is an escape. It’s a way to relax when the pressures of work and school become too high. I like using creative writing this way and I would prefer to avoid turning it into a 9-hour/day, 5-day/week job. 

This advice has not been limited to writing. The first time I heard it was when I briefly played mandolin in an Irish music band. We weren’t paid for our shows. We didn’t even call them concerts, we called them Sessions. That might sound frustrating to some people, but the band members were only doing it as a side project and only because they enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I knew other people in bands who were trying to become professional but tensions during rehearsals and struggles in expanding their fan base frustrated them so much that they quit music altogether. 

WOW: Ah yes - the old advice that we shouldn't plan on getting rich writing or making music! Thanks for your insight on that - greatly appreciated! 

 Let's talk something more tangible: What does your writing space look like?

Hugh: Cluttered. I have a full-time job which keeps me busy when I’m not writing. I’m also interested in a job change and have been taking classes at the University of New Mexico to make it happen. Unfortunately, I only have one desk for all my work/book/school materials, so the stacks of papers get pretty tall. On the plus side, once a work project is completed or a semester ends a lot of pages are no longer needed, which means I have plenty of compost material. Thanks to the workload, the soil in my yard gets a huge nutrient boost a few times a year. 

WOW: You are so honest - I love and appreciate it! How quickly our time flies when chatting with old friends and returning authors. Before we say goodbye, let's tell readers what the future holds. What's next for you?

Hugh: I want to finish Mystic Rampage 3 (Anomaly Aftermath) by the end of the year and end the series. This project has been going on for long enough and I’m ready to move on to something new. I have a head start on a few books. I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month a few times and have two 50,000-word rough drafts of new works. One of them is about a dragon which I review and revise when I need a break from Mystic Rampage. I really hope to get that one published one day, although I don’t plan on expanding it into a series. 

WOW:  This was such a great opportunity to reconnect! I know we will see you soon with the next book and there's at least two of us in our house who are eager to get our hands on it - so I hope you work fast! Until then - stay healthy and keep writing! Thanks for choosing WOW! 

 --- Blog Tour Calendar 

June 14th @ The Muffin
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June 15th @ A Storybook World with Deirdra Eden
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June 16th @ Create Write Now with Mari McCarthy
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June 17th @ World of My Imagination with Nicole Pyles
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June 18th @ Bibliophile with Diti Shah 
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June 21st @ A Storybook World with Deirdra Eden
There’s a guest author at A Storybook World and it’s the one and only Hugh Fritz who recently finished Book #2 in the Mystic Rampage Series. He’s busy promoting Public Display of Aggression but has taken time out of his busy schedule to write an informative post about “Illustrations in Fantasy Novels.” This will be great for writers and readers alike.

June 22nd @ Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews
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June 23rd @ One Writer’s Journey with Sue Bradford Edwards
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June 24th @ Knotty Needle with Judy Hudgins
Judy Hudgins keeps readers on the edge of their seat at the knotty needle blog as she reviews Book #2 in the Mystic Rampage Series . Readers will want to grab their own copy of Hugh Fritz’s Public Display of Aggression so they won’t miss a beat of this imaginative story!

June 30th @ Bookish Trischa
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July 1st @ Book Santa Fe with Crystal Otto
Crystal Otto reads a lot and she loves a fast-paced imaginative story. Public Display of Aggression is 5 Stars and she can’t wait to tell readers more about it at Book Santa Fe today! This is the 2nd book in the Mystic Rampage series, but she says it reads great as a standalone. Read Crystal’s full review today! 

July 7th @ Sreevarsha Sreejith 
Readers of Varsha’s blog will hear from Hugh Fritz today in a post about “Fan Fiction” as he takes a break from promoting his latest book Public Display of Aggression. Don’t miss this guest post and opportunity to learn more about the Mystic Rampage Series and the man behind all the excitement!

July 9th @ Bring on Lemons with Carmen Otto 
Carmen is an avid reader and soon to be high schooler – she loved Book #1 in the Mystic Rampage series and she joins us today to share her 5 Star Review of Book #2 – Public Display of Aggression by Hugh Fritz. Don’t miss her youthful insight! 

July 10th @ Author Anthony Avina’s Blog 
Readers of Author Anthony Avina’s Blog will hear from Hugh Fritz today as he pens a guest post titled “Preference of Series of Stand Alone Pieces”. This post will delight authors and readers alike – so don’t miss it! This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the Mystic Rampage Series and Book #2, Public Display of Aggression

July 12th  @ Bookish Trischa 
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July 13th @ Sreevarsha Sreejith 
Today it’s Varsha’s opportunity to share her review of Public Display of Aggression. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the fast-paced writing of Hugh Fritz and Book #2 in the Mystic Rampage series! 

July 14th @ Author Anthony Avina’s Blog 
A few days ago, readers of Author Anthony Avina’s Blog heard from Hugh Fritz in a guest post: “Preference of Series of Stand Alone Pieces”. Now it’s review time – hear what Anthony has to say in his review of Public Display of Aggression, Book #2 in the Mystic Rampage Series by Hugh Fritz! 

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Angela Mackintosh said...

Thanks for the interview, Crystal!

Hugh ~ you have a great, realistic attitude about writing. I agree about having fun with it. :) I also love your cover! It reminds me of the artwork in some of my vintage Heavy Metal magazines. So cool. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, so I was nodding my head when you said your illustrator wasn't happy with the contrast/shading, dpi, and probably the rgb version vs the cmyk. It's so tricky to make a cover match up in print AND on screen.

Good luck on your tour and third book in the series! It sounds like you have some healthy habits, and brewing beer is something I've always wanted to try. Cheers to your success!

Unknown said...

Thanks Angela!

I'm glad the illustrator's concerns came through in an understandable way. I wasn't sure I was capturing them adequately. I have an older sister who is also a heavy metal fan and it's good to know the cover is appealing to that audience. If you're looking to making your own beer I recommend starting with ginger beer. The method is simple (there's plenty of instructional YouTube videos) and if you don't like ginger you can substitute pretty much any other fruit.

Thanks for your interest,

Patsy said...

Great interview!The book sounds intriguing:)

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