Review of Cliffhanger: Jump Before You Get Pushed by Michael R. French

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Review of Cliffhanger: Jump Before You Get Pushed by Michael R. French 

This Young Adult story centre’s around a high school student body president election, but it’s about much more than high school, it’s for young adult readers and beyond! 

Touching on corruption and truths, this page-turner of a novel will have you on the edge of your seat, enthralled to read on and find out who wins the election and who wins at life. 

Brit is a play-it-safe Brainiac who never gets in trouble. She joins the election team for Matthew, (an old crush and seasoned leader) content to put her own leadership dreams to rest. But when she is blamed for hacking into Matthew’s campaign team server, things change. 

Offended by the severe accusations, Brit surprises herself by deciding to run against Matthew. 

In an effort to expose Team Matthew's lies, Brit finds that there are other reasons she needed to step up, she just hadn’t realised her potential yet. 

The story unfolds in the future where society hasn’t changed all that much but current events are in the past and that’s cool. Michael uses language that is engaging and interesting without being too basic for adults to enjoy and too graphic for young teens to handle. The action level increases with every chapter and with every change in the multiple POV’s; and just when you think it’s all over, the finale will make you gasp! 

Dotted with loads of wonderful references to literature, poetry, history, and current events, this book has it all. School corruption and life lessons are in abundance, keeping you on the edge of your comfort zone ready to jump before you get pushed! 

My Favourite Quotes: 

“Number one, develop a skin as thick as a hippo’s. Number two, know the opposition better than it knows you. Rule three, don’t beat yourself up when your campaign comes off the rails. Setbacks are how you learn.” 

“It confirmed that three or four determined friends could best any army of professionals.”

Print Length: 276 Pages 
Genre: Political Thriller
ISBN-10: 1732511756
ISBN-13: 978-1732511750
Publisher: Moot Point Productions

Cliffhanger is available to purchase at You can also add this to your reading list on


Review written by Kelly Sgroi


Renee Roberson said...

It does sound really intriguing, Kelly! Thanks for sharing this review with us. I will put it on our summer reading list.

Kelly Sgroi said...

Wonderful, you will love it! It’s a high-class read that I can’t recommend enough!

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