Why You Should Start a Blog in 2021

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Next year marks my 10 year blogging anniversary. It's hard to believe that so many years ago I first started my writing blog. As a writer, in between every blog post, I battle an internal conflict that debates whether it's all worth it. I've read all sorts of opinions about writers having a blog, and once I even received bad advice where someone said that writers that aren't published shouldn't even start a blog. Since then, I've realized that was really bad advice, and as we embark upon a new year, I thought I'd put together a few of my personal reasons why you should start one: 

1) It gives you a platform to grow.

Ideally, you should own your own domain for your blog, but at the very least, hosting your blog through either WordPress and Blogger is a great start. What having a blog gives you is the chance to develop your writing voice. Lately, I've been rewriting many old blog posts, and it's amazing to see my own transformation. I realized I transformed from a somewhat immature but energized writer to a more mature, thoughtful blogger that uses fewer animated GIFs in her blog posts. 

I've seen many writers use places like Instagram as their personal blog, which is fine for some, but keep in mind, many people have had their profiles removed completely off that platform. You also run the risk of your engagement dropping because Instagram changes its algorithm. There's also a matter of their terms and conditions that can be a concern. But I digress...

2) You'll strengthen your writing.

One of my favorite movies is "Contagion" (don't judge), and one quote I smile at is, "Blogging is graffiti with punctuation!" I guess that all depends on the blogs you follow, right? I have to say, that as I look back over old posts, I'm amazed at how much I've transformed as a writer. I've definitely improved. Not only that, keeping up a blog builds a writing habit. It also helps me not get tired of the same type of writing all the time. So, while my own blogging has seemed like graffiti with punctuation at times, it's still the act of writing. And that helps me in the long run.

3) You develop connections within the writing community.

I have found some amazing writers and writing friends thanks to my personal blog. In fact, I'm fairly certain my own love of writing blogs eventually led me to find Women on Writing. In fact, for a long time, I hosted a weekly writing prompt where I met many good writing friends, one in particular who I still keep in touch with all these years later. Starting a writing blog, following writing blogs, and being involved in that blogging community builds connections. Think of it like talking shop with people. You get to rub elbows with your own kind. How cool is that?

4) You can talk about your writing journey and promote yourself along the way.

One of the coolest things about having a blog is reflecting on my own writing journey. I've talked about the highs and lows, the roadblocks, and the triumphs. Along with that, I've had the chance to promote my own writing. The wonderful thing about having a blog is that you can talk about your journey to publication. You can update readers, and possibly reach new ones. 

As 2021 rolls around, and you consider what can kickstart your writing, consider starting a blog. Nothing inspires me more to write than writing about writing on my blog. Blogging also allows me to explore ideas and do research. That alone is inspiring to me. So, I hope you decide to start a blog, and if you do, make sure you let me know. 

Nicole Pyles is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Say hi to her on her writing blog World of My Imagination or her work-life blog Lady Unemployed.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Nicole--All the points you've made about blogging are true. I especially agree about the connections we make with other readers via blogs. I've connected with a writer in India, a writer who lives all over the world, and writers in all parts of the U.S... all because of their blogs and my blog. It's a way of getting an instant audience. When we post something, we're not asking them to buy a book or read a lengthy piece. We're only asking them to read 500 or so words and respond.

I've gotten some wonderful advice via blog comments. I've been inspired by other people's blogs and by their comments/suggestions.

Great post, Nicole.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Nicole, you brought up an excellent point, and one that I've been touting for years: when you post on social media or other places, you do not own that content. They are the owners of everything you write and post, and you are giving it away for free. And like you mentioned, they can cut you at any time. It's happened to me with Instagram after I built up a huge following for my retail business. Bam! One morning I woke up and my account was gone for violating something. Who knows what because they never said. I think it was because we had a sale and posted prices, which I found out you're not supposed to do, and then I found out that more than half of the business accounts in my industry were removed as well. So I emailed, complained, protested, and nothing happened. I decided then it wasn't worth my time. If I was coming out with a book, maybe I would get back on it, but I don't think that will be for a while.

I love what you're doing with your blogs! :) I also believe in the blogging community and hope there will be a blog revival in 2021!

Jeanine DeHoney said...

Nicole these are all awesome reasons why writers should have a blog. You have given me food for thought for this new year. Thank you, and Happy New Year.

Cathy C. Hall said...

I have that same internal conflict, Nicole, because I've been blogging for a long time and well...it gets to be a lot. But I won't give it up for all the reasons you listed. (I just scale back on the posts! :-)

Renee Roberson said...

Happy blog-aversary, Nicole! I still have an old blog on Blogspot I should probably take down at some point, but I'm happy I've continued with the blog on my current website. There are some people that say "blogging is dead," but I think that's b.s. Your blog content will evolve with your growth and interests as a writer, but I've discovered so many different ways to repurpose blog content that I think it's in a writer's best interest to keep one up! I'm sure between your two blogs you've come up with some creative things you do with all the content you've created. I love that you are going back and rewriting old posts!

Nicole Pyles said...

@Sioux: I love how blogging can take us all over the world to meet people! The comments and reflections from readers help me and inspire me so much.

@Angela: I've heard so many similar stories! It's bad to put all your eggs in one basket, and in terms of content, it's so much better to claim your ownership with your own site. I'm hoping soon we all get sick of social media and return to blogs :)

@Jeanine: Thank you so much! Let me know if you decide to start one!

@Cathy: Same! I scale back and try not to get too hyped up on popularity and ranking because that can be a major time suck.

@Renee: Thanks Renee! I like that blogging let's me explore new ideas, and think about other topics. It's been a wonderful way to practice my writing skills!

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