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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Dance by Garth Brooks was a song I learned on the piano way back in 1989. I was 12 and saved up my babysitting and stall cleaning monies and purchased the Garth Brooks Easy Piano Song Book from my piano teacher Mrs. Hansen. I remember this time in my life quite vividly. My friends were busy figuring out hair spray and lip gloss dreaming of what it might be like to get asked to the school dance. I spent my free moments playing piano and singing for my sick father. I remember singing this particular song and feeling quite wise. I thought the lyrics had been written just for me (not really, but I absolutely felt each emotion as I came to grips with losing and going through oh so many of life's milestones without my best friend). 

I still play that same piano. I still sing that same song. I'm not sure how wise I was then or how wise I feel right now. I do however love the last day of the year because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the year and years prior. I think we can all agree on one thing:


I don't think there's an appropriate font for 2020 but it feels like maybe El Messiri might be appropriate since MESSY is one word I often used to describe how life felt this year. Is that what we are going to remember a few decades from now? I don't really know to be honest with you and a part me wants to forget oh so many things about this year, yet there's lessons to be learned in every painful moment, right? As Garth says: 

I could have missed the pain

But I'da had to miss

The dance

That brings me to another country song with a special place in my heart. How They Remember You by Rascal Flatts

Did you stand or did you fall?
Build a bridge or build a wall
Hide your love or give it all
What did you do? What did you do?
Did you make 'em laugh or make 'em cry?
Did you quit or did you try?
Live your dreams or let 'em die?
What did you choose? What did you choose?
When it all comes down
It ain't if, it's how they remember you

I'm doing a lot of remembering today. My Auntie Jay died just a few days ago at the amazing age of 104. She lived in her own home and lived alone until the day she died. She did NOT die of Covid-19. She saw a lot in her life and had the most phenomenal perspective on life and love. I will remember her holding babies and smiling. I will remember her raking leaves in hear yard during the fall of 2020 - (she spent 3 days getting the yard ready for the lawn guy to come mow one last time before winter). I will remember her urging friends to stop and visit because being lonely was far scarier than the pandemic. This wise woman was interviewed by the local paper just months before her death and there's a great deal of wisdom in the Herald Times Reporter article. As I remember Auntie Jay (real name Julia) and as I reflect on 2020 I can't help but wonder how my friends and family will remember me.

I didn't make all the right decisions during 2020. I probably took the wrong risks here and was too cautious there. I could have been happier and less anxious. Did I make sure everyone had enough joy? Was my glass full enough? 


Let's take a moment to think about all the things we did RIGHT during 2020. Let's take time today to concentrate on the JOY that came during the last 12 months. Leave a comment on this post about something positive you did or a positive experience you had during 2020 and when you're done doing that, pick up the phone and call someone and tell them how your life is better with them in it! Drop someone a note wishing them a happy new year and tell them what you admire about them. It's great to show up at someone's funeral and share memories of how you remember them, but imagine what joy it would give them to know how you feel while they are still alive!

If you've read this far - thank you! I'm glad you are here and I'm glad you've overcome oh so many obstacles to get here - I'm hopeful that 2021 is going to be filled with extreme joy and gladness for you and your family!


and now...a little more about me...

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Jeanine DeHoney said...

Such an inspiring post Crystal. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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