In This Time Of Change, We are Here and Want to Celebrate Your Success

Saturday, March 21, 2020
At this time when things feel so uncertain, give yourself grace. It's the best gift you can give to yourself. Don't compare what you are doing to someone else. Trust me, I have to remind myself of this every day when I see some of the amazing things that some moms are doing at home. Or when I hear that a writer is still managing to meet their word count or publishing their books. My friend posted this meme "It's okay" on my Facebook wall this week.

Here's the thing: not only are some of us scared and possibly sick, plus isolated, we are also undergoing all kinds of change--change for us, for our partners, for our children, for our coworkers, for our friends and family. Everyone is under change. And what's that saying?

Change is hard.

Our routines are changed. Maybe you're used to writing at your local coffee shop, and now have to stay at home where it's noisy and chaotic. Maybe you're used to writing once your kids go to school, only now you are home with them all day, every day. Maybe you and your partner share an office, and now are both home at the same time, trying to use it. Whatever the change is big or small, it takes time to get used to it.

So please, allow yourself some time to breathe. If you can write on your typical schedule, that's awesome! Keep it up. If instead right now, it's easier for you to read--that's a way to work on your writing--you're reading in your genre. Even if you're on Facebook, discussing writing with some other writers, that's networking! Look at the positive things you're doing, and do not beat yourself up for the things you aren't able to manage to do right now. It's okay.

Breathe deeply.

We're still in full swing at WOW! if you want to join us. Currently, Angela and I are working on the query letters we received by March 15 and are narrowing down our decisions this weekend. So some of you will have contracts for articles! We have classes starting in our WOW! classroom. We still need Friday Speak Out bloggers--need a platform? Need a place to express your feelings right now? Check out any Friday post and then write your own.

We have contests to enter and judging to do. In the summer and fall, we'll be taking more queries--start brainstorming now. We are a paying market! Next time  I blog, I'm planning to talk about querying us and provide some tips; but if you want to start preparing now, I did a podcast interview with Shelly X. Leonn and LL Montez at The Writers XL podcast. I talk a lot about writing and editing in this interview; but if you're specifically interested in how to write for WOW!, then start listening around the 17-minute mark by clicking here or download the podcast episode where you typically listen to podcasts.

And finally, we need your SUCCESS STORIES! 

In a couple weeks, you'll be getting a  really cool newsletter in your inbox from us (sign up here at the top of the toolbar, if you aren't on our newsletter list yet), and we would love to put your success stories in there, too. Since the beginning of 2020, who has something to celebrate in your writing life? We want to hear about contest wins, publications, goals met, blogs started, new jobs, and more. Please try to keep it under 100 words. Also, include a link if it's something that is online. We really do want any success stories, including things like: "Under self-isolation, I managed to meet my word count each day."

Let us know! Motivate your fellow writers and celebrate. You can email these to Margo at margo (at) or write them in the comments below. (If Margo does not reply, try margolynndill@gmail (dot) com.)

Take care of yourselves, wonderful writing community.

Margo L. Dill is the managing editor at WOW! Women On Writing. Her next classes are Writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction: A Study and Workshop  , starting on March 31 and WRITING A NOVEL WITH A WRITING COACH: One-on-One Instruction , starting April 3. Find out more about her writing and editing at


Sue Bradford Edwards said...

It is okay.

And surreal.

And more than a little strange.

And yet there are also little nuggets of normality. Thanks to you and Ang for all you do for us all!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Margo--I hope you (and your daughter... and your pup) are getting some joy out of this weird time.

I have report cards to do, some online lessons to create, and then I think I have some time to write.

I'm with Sue. Thanks for all you do at WOW.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Margo, Thank you for this post! I agree, there's a lot of change, in our home lives, writing lives, and in business, and a lot of uncertainty as we figure out how to navigate things to stay afloat financially and keep our families safe. We're lucky to have an online community where we can continue to support each other remotely. In fact, since businesses are shifting to online only, there are new opportunities for writers, content marketers, designers, assistants, bloggers, and more popping up. And things like workshops, webinars, podcasts, and online events provide a way of maintaining connection during lockdown.

Speaking of... everyone, I listened to The Writers XL podcast last night and it's incredible!! Margo was fantastic and informative, and the vibe of the show is so much fun. I simply loved it! It's the first time I've ever listened to their podcast and I've found a new favorite. Bravo to you, Shelly, and LL! :) xo

Angela Mackintosh said...

PS. I'm also with Sue and Sioux--thank you for all you do for WOW. xo

Margo Dill said...

Sue and Sioux: We all know that Angela is our cheerleader and force behind our wonderful WOW! community, but thank you for the compliment.

Sue: Sometimes I am sitting here thinking: everything is just like it always is, and then I remember: Oh yeah, we are rationing TP.

Sioux: Good luck with the online teaching. We are now done with spring break, so I'm wondering how that is all going to go this week with Katie.

Ang: I know you are having quite a time during all of this, and please stay safe in CA. You inspire me and all of us to work hard for our community! Thank you! I'm glad you liked the podcast so much!! :) I thought it was fun to do, and Shelly made it easy for me to talk about all kinds of things.

Nicole Pyles said...

I appreciate this post so much! I saw a newsletter from someone I subscribe to who basically said if we're not writing right now, we're making an excuse and....UGH oh that bothered me. I am anxiously keeping an eye on the news while trying to complete projects for clients. I worked on a story today. So, I still wrote but...but that low hum of nervousness is hard to work around. Being each other's cheerleader is such an important thing, so I'm so glad for your post today!

Margo Dill said...

Nicole: There are some people who just lack empathy for other people's lives. I really think the saying is true that you can't know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes. At this point, anyone who is not understanding during this, I'm putting them to invisibility mode either literally or figuratively. I need no negative energy coming in here!

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