Interview with Kara Weeks: Runner Up in the Fall 2019 Flash Fiction Contest

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Kara Weeks lives in New York City with her tortoiseshell cat named Beatrice. She works full-time in creative advertising and finds time to write on nights and weekends in between cups of coffee and glasses of wine. She is currently working on a series of short stories, which she hopes to complete this year. When Kara isn't writing, she can be found exploring a new corner of the world, walking with a camera in hand around New York City, burying her nose in a book, or lacing up her running shoes for her next race. You can follow her on Instagram: @karaweeks27.

Before you read her interview, be sure to read her story What Father Knows, then come on back!

-- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First of all, congratulations on winning runner up in the fall flash fiction writing contest! Can you tell us about what inspired this story? 

Kara: Thank you! A friend of mine had a family member who had a similar experience with her father. It stuck with me so I began writing the fictional characters of Bri and her dad to explore the father-daughter relationship and how strong that bond is. Ultimately, they'll love each other no matter what and I wanted to unveil their years of love and history as an anchor for them.

WOW: You absolutely captured that relationship! I see that you work in creative advertising! How does your work in advertising influence your short stories? 

Kara: Advertising at its core is about storytelling. The work I do for brands is about finding what that story is and how to continue the narrative in a succinct, engaging way. Thinking with that lens for work has deepened my skills for storytelling as a writer in my personal life and vice versa.

WOW: I think that's a fantastic way of both worlds inspiring each other! You are currently working on a series of short stories. Can you tell us a little bit about them? 

Kara: It will be an anthology following the same character, a 28-year old woman who is crippled by the monotony of her suburban married life. I'm still workshopping but it has taken a darkly comic angle so far. I'm excited to see where she takes me.

WOW: That sounds so interesting! So, you are my Instagram inspiration! I can see you have an eye for photography. Do your photographs ever influence or inspire your writing? 

Kara: Thank you so much! As a photographer, I'm captivated by details - the chipped edge of a building, the slight reflection of light on glass. In my writing I take the same approach, I like details that tell the story more than a comprehensive, play-by-play narrative would. I actually have a separate Instagram for my photography if anyone would like to follow me there! @karaweeksphotography

WOW: Well, I'm definitely following you now! Lastly, what writing advice has stayed with you the most? 

Kara: All good writers are readers first.

WOW: I totally agree! Best of luck with your writing and congrats again!


Sioux Roslawski said...

Nicole--Thanks for doing the interview, and for giving us a link to Kara's story.

Kara--Congratulations. The WOW contests get lots of submissions, so the competetion is stiff.

As I read your story, I wondered how you were going to finish it. With just a few words, you came up with the perfect ending.

I was intrigued by your comment about your photography, and the connection you make between that and your writing. You're spot on. Giving the reader (or the viewer) some details, and giving the reader (or viewer) credit (that they're capable of connecting the dots to make an inference/formulate a story) is a wonderful thing. As a reader, I love to "piece together" the story.

Good luck on your short story anthology.

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