The Importance of Timing... Or is it something else?

Saturday, September 07, 2019
I began this post thinking of how important timing is--being in the right place at the right time. Then I dabbled with the word kismet and destiny. But then I landed on the word I was circling around: serendipity.

Recently I've been showered by a series of serendipitous mini-meteors, and the above picture truly depicts what I've been feeling lately. In my mind I'm perched on the edge of an overhang, gazing at the sky for some sign--a sign showing me the way. Here are the three signs that have shot towards me from across the sky:

A book--More than a year ago, a teacher friend went to a national conference. She brought home a couple of suitcases full of free books (the NCTE conference is famous for this; educators stand in line to get the chance to circle the convention hall so they can fill their book bags). One of them was for me.

The book she snagged for me was a YA novel on the same historical event that I was writing about. I was thrilled and grateful. However, I told her I wouldn't read it until after I was finished with my first draft, because I didn't want my writing to be influenced by this author.

After my 4th draft was finally finished, I read the novel... and I loved it. I've been battling against the idea that since I'm not African American, I can't create an African American protagonist (from an era 100 years ago). This writer (white) wrote a novel that focuses on two characters, and one of them is black. However, the book was published before the #ownvoices movement was born.

This book made me fall in love with the characters, which in turn made my love for my character become even stronger.

Encouraging Comments--I cannot say enough about the power of encouraging words. Writers deal with heaps of rejection on a regular basis, so when they receive a comment on their blog or an email that nudges them forward, it's incredible.

Not long ago, I got several emails and heartwarming comments on my blog that was like a string of life preservers. I was on the brink of surrendering. Thanks to everyone who sent kind words my way.

A Nibble--A few simple words such as, "Thank you for your interest in our small publishing company. We would like to see more of your manuscript. Please send us a copy of your completed work for consideration at your earliest convenience," has sent me over the moon.

That was back in July. Now I wait... and hope that a shooting star soon comes hurtling towards me with more than a nibble. 

Sioux is a freelance writer (occasionally), a middle school teacher (constantly) and a dog rescuer (sometimes). She's seeking a publishing contract or the representation of an agent--whichever comes first. If you'd like to find more about what Sioux's writing, check out her blog.


Nicole Pyles said...

Seems like good signs to me! :)

Myna said...

I'm in your corner, Sioux!

Sue Bradford Edwards said...

Definitely hoping that that nibble turns into something more! So many young readers would love your work.

Pat Wahler said...

So exciting! Sending all the best vibes I can conjure your way.

Renee Roberson said...


I'm going to probably annoy you here, but I encourage you to do some of the positive self-talk I've been engaging in. I have a problem of getting too hard on myself when I think no one appreciates my writing. Every day, wake up and tell yourself (or write it down somewhere where you can see it) "The Massacre of Greenwood" will be published. Or "The Massacre of Greenwood" will find a home. "The Massacre of Greenwood" will be read by many readers."

Put it out there in the universe, and it will come back to you tenfold. Since the end of July, I've been writing down what I want my income to be in the next two years. As if it has already happened. And lo and behold, in the last three months, my writing income has been steadily growing, and I'm not even actively seeking extra work. Even my husband asked me the other day what was going in our bank account, LOL.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself, and you've got this.

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