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Monday, April 22, 2019
Writing prompts can sometimes assist us with moving forward or overcoming writers block. A recent
piece of middle school homework came home with the following definition of a writing prompt:

"The purpose of a writing prompt is to invite students to think about, develop a perspective about and write about a topic. A writing prompt introduces and focuses the writing topic. If also provides clear information or instructions about the essay writing task."

When I am blocked with my writing or feel my writing is blocked, sometimes it's because I have so many ideas and I can't choose which one. I feel my head is spinning. Other times I have a feeling but cannot put it to words. In either scenario, using a writing prompt can help me refocus and forge on.

Writing prompts can also help when I'm working on a large project and need a short break. Using a writing prompt to put together a short flash fiction piece allows me a vacation while still working on my craft. Similarly, if I'm having a bad day and I don't want to write much in my journal, I start with a writing prompt and go from there. There's many short (never published) essays in each of my journals - they can be very therapeutic as well. (adult coloring books offer the same vacation mentality, but that's another article)

I've also heard that some large published works once began as a short writing prompt. I've never experienced this personally, but some authors suggest writing prompts may provide the inspiration for larger works.

Where do you find the best writing prompts? How have writing prompts helped you in your craft? What ideas and suggestions do you have for others?

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Margo Dill said...

There was a magazine for writers (can't remember the name now) that used to have a writing prompt contest each month. They gave you the first sentence, and you wrote the story. I did it one time, and didn't win that contest. But I revised the story, kept the first line, and entered it into some others and won some stuff. That's my most successful writing prompt story. :)

Angela Mackintosh said...

We have a great selection of websites that focus on writing prompts on our resources page: http://wow-womenonwriting.com/resources.php#prompts

Re:Fiction is a good one because they have story starters and they also have a free monthly writing contest for subscribers with a cash prize based on a prompt!

You never know where your best ideas will come from. Mine frequently come from writing exercises or from reading other writer's work that will spark another idea.

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