Interview with Bethany Hutson, Q1 2018 Creative Nonfiction Contest Runner Up

Sunday, April 07, 2019
My name is Bethany Hutson, I am 24 years old and live in a small fishing village called Solva, in Wales, United Kingdom.

I recently completed a Master’s degree in History where I specialised in Witchcraft, Demonology, and Gender. This love for the history of women and witchcraft in early modern Europe inspired me to delve in subject further and personally practice the craft.

I am currently running a vintage - Welsh tearoom with my grandmother and aspire to have many more businesses in my career!

Writing is my absolute love in life and if I ever need to escape I hideaway with a notebook and pen. I have a personal website found at where I upload my short stories and my blogs. This is my first writing contest and I am so grateful to have gotten this far, thank you!

Check out Bethany's heartfelt essay here and then return to learn more about her writing inspiration!

----------Interview by Renee Roberson

WOW: Creative nonfiction is an art form all its own. How did you first discover your interest in this type of writing?

Bethany: I have kept a diary since I was around 13 years old and I have documented nearly every big moment in my life, so I feel I have always been very in tune to my experiences and I love writing about what I have learnt and been through as a person. Taking part in this competition and the incredible feedback I had from my loved ones really opened my eyes to how incredible creative nonfiction really is.

WOW: Writing about personal issues such as anxiety and depression can be very difficult. How important do you think it is for writers to shed light on this very important topic?

Bethany: I think it is incredibly important for authors to address this topic. I was always told to write what I know and this time last year, I would never have been brave enough to write about something so personal, but if someone suffering from anxiety reads this and realises that they are not alone in their struggle, then that means everything to me. In recent years, mental health has gained so much attention, both good and bad, and I am proud to be a part of a generation that is fighting for change and for help.

WOW: You are so right in the importance of breaking through the stigma of talking about mental illness! Describe your dream day and what you would do if you had no time or money constraints!

WOW: Describe your favorite writing space.

Bethany: My favourite space to write is in my bed, all comfy and warm; I usually find the most inspiration when it is late at night and I have countess candles around my room. I lose myself in my music and just write. I love it.

WOW: Who are some of your favorite authors and what is it you love about their work?

Bethany: I adore Stephen King! His ability to create such fear and emotion from everyday things, such as dogs and a clown, is incredible and I get so much inspiration from his work. I have recently discovered Dot Hutchinson and I am captivated by her work; her novel, The Butterfly Garden, was incredibly written and makes you question everything about the world and morals. My guilty pleasure author is Phillips Gregory and as huge history nerd, I can lose myself in her work for days on end.

WOW: What is your ideal dream day if you had no time or financial constraints?

Bethany: My dream day would be back in California when I went traveling for 3 weeks in a RV. I would spend the day reading on the beach in the glorious sunshine and then spend the night around a campfire in the middle of the woods, drinking lots of beer and red wine and talking for hours underneath the stars. Absolutely perfect!

WOW: Ahh, that does sound pretty perfect! Thank you for taking the time to be with us today, and continued success with all of your writing endeavors!


Sioux Roslawski said...

Renee--Thanks for doing this interview. (I loved the "perfect day" question.)

Bethany--So often, mental illness is invisible. Sometimes, not even the tip of the iceberg is seen.

Because it's often not "seen," people sometimes scoff at people's struggles. Just get over it. Just get out of bed and get moving. Get it out of your mind.

People who are writers and who also struggle with mental illness have a crucial role to play. They can help educate the public. They can help the public get some empathy, some understanding. They can help people who don't struggle understand what is like for those who struggle.

Bethany--Congratulations on becoming a runner-up, and thanks for being so brave to share a part of yourself. It takes courage to write in a raw and honest way. You broke down that one moment in your life in such a detailed way, the reader drowns in the moment.

Good luck with your future writing (in your spare time as you run your tearoom ;). Can I hope that you have a book--a memoir--in the future?

I hope so...

Angela Mackintosh said...

Bethany ~ I write in bed, too! It's the only place I feel comfortable enough to create, and it helps get me into that unconscious mode where you're creating without worrying about anything else. :)

I love that you're writing about mental health and fighting for change, and it's a topic I often write about as well. I feel like writing about it takes away its power over me, brings things out in the open, and gives others a voice to share their stories, too. I applaud your bravery. Write on!

California is beautiful and freeing, isn't it? I've lived here all my life and I'm still in awe of its beauty.

Good luck with your writing, and we hope to read more from you! :)

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