Review and Giveaway of My Brother's Keeper by Nina Day Gerard

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
His best friend’s sister was off limits. Her brother’s best friend was out of her league…

Jack Cartwright and Samantha Griffin have been in love with each other—and denying it—since they were 17. Jack’s home was wherever his abusive father dragged him. Until his best friend Keith’s family rescued him and gave him at a real future. What he didn’t count on was falling in love with Keith’s baby sister Samantha.

Jack and Samantha forged individual lives, he as an NFL star, she as a print supermodel, keeping the passion they felt for each other hidden from the world. Until a family tragedy forces them together again—to face the feelings they’ve denied.

My Brother's Keeper is available as an e-book starting July 15 here and the print copy will be released soon. More details here.

About the Author

Nina Day Gerard loves to write about love! When she's not writing romance, she's reading it. She's been inspired by such popular romance writers as Bella Andre and Maya Banks. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her muse, a little Calico named Celine.


Twitter: @ninadaygerard


*****Book Review of My Brother's Keeper*****

Often romances feel like skiing down a mountain. Sure, there might be a few tumbles but you know that you’ll eventually end up at a ski lodge named “Happily Ever After.” My Brother’s Keeper felt like skiing up a mountain. For every inch of progress the characters make they seem to slip back a foot. Will the characters ever make it to the top of the mountain? For most of the book, it feels as if the odds are against them.

Nina Gerard’s debut romance novel is about the Griffins, a perfect family of father, mother, son and daughter, who end up pseudo-adopting a troubled young neighbor. This books follows the family—in real time and memories—mainly through the eyes of daughter Samantha and the neighbor Jack. They weather many changes: some good, some bad and some deadly.

Gerard does a good job portraying the unpredictable feelings of young love as Samantha and jack recognize their feelings for each other. Life situations have them professing and withdrawing their emotions which leads to an unspoken misunderstanding that lasts for years. Because Gerard does such an effective job creating real people, you’ll find yourself rooting for them (and occasionally shouting at them in frustration when they ignore love staring them in the face). There is also an underlying hint of mystery that gives this book an intense feel and keeps you reading, wanting to know if the secret ever comes to light. And who could resist a story of first love...the memory of that all-encompassing love that puts a smile on our face for our entire life!

Read an excerpt of My Brother's Keeper here.

Ebook: 245 pages
Publisher: Nina Day Gerard (July 15, 2015)


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Angela Mackintosh said...

Great review, Jodi! Sounds like a fun summer read and interesting POV choices. I'm curious to find out more about this secret, unspoken misunderstanding…very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

Good Review. I'd love to read the book

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