Using the Calendar to Generate Ideas

Saturday, February 08, 2014
I love calendars. Ok, it's more of an 'I like' calendars thing. When those little middle-of-the-mall calendar places pop up in mid-October, it's one of my favorite stops. As I peruse the various calendar options - The Writer's Calendar, Book Lover's Calendar, LOLCat Calendar - all the while, my husband is questioning what I am doing.

"Research, dear," I say. "Research."

You'd be amazed at the wealth of information you find. I've been known to purchase one or two - oh, who am I kidding - more like eight or nine calendars to mine for story ideas. These yearly date books are filled with possiblities for newspaper or magazine articles, poems, and short stories.

Today, for instance, is John Grisham's birthday. I discovered that gem of wisdom in the Ulitmate Literary Calendar. Can I spin it into an article? A blog post? A book review?

Or consider this (also from the Ultimate Literary Calendar): On February 3, Arkansas passes a motion to pray for the soul of noted sinner H.L. Mencken in 1931. What about an article about strange laws or a short story based on the situation that led up to the passge of said law.

I'm a foodie so I use a food facts calendar to find possible ideas. Today is National Molasses Bar Day. What about a short fob about the benefits of using molasses in place of sugar? Today kicks of Great American Pizza Bake. Think of all the pizza-related possibilities! I put together a photo essay of pizza places in the area for the local newspaper I edit.

Ideas are everywhere and a calendar is just one more tool to use to generate ideas.

And tomorrow is . . .

by LuAnn Schindler


Renee Roberson said...

What a cool way to generate ideas! I never would have guessed all the different types of calendars would have so much diverse information packed into them. Thanks for sharing!

BECKY said...

I love calendars, too! I always WANT to buy lots of different ones, but I never thought to do it for writing ideas. I just love different photos, sketches, themes, etc! But you've made me realize I CAN and SHOULD buy lots!! Thanks! :)

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