Tiny Blessings

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We tend to think that blessings drop from the heavens with bells and whistles-- winning lottery numbers and miracle healings. The fact is that blessings don’t shout, they whisper.

A few years ago I was holding down a sixteen-hour a day corporate job when I began to get sick—every time I went to work. The doctor called it Toxic Office Syndrome…seriously (I hear you laughing). He said I needed to either remove the toxin from my work environment or remove myself from the company. After much fretting I decided to quit my job and what seemed to be a disaster turned out to be a gigantic turning point in my life.

I had fallen off course from my original desire to write for a living and didn’t know how to get back on track. The fear of lack, believing we could not survive without that second income, would have kept me chained to that job until it killed me; I’d had several warning episodes of dozing off at the wheel and still I did not listen. During my illness I was able to re-examine my priorities and realign myself. Becoming ill pushed me to a point where I had no choice but to let go. That illness was a blessing; I now spend my days happily writing.

Grace underlines our lives with tiny blessings disguised in frustrating and challenging situations such as:

Receiving a bad review which, after the tears are shed, helps you to see your work with fresh eyes and write something extraordinary.

Not landing that assignment you felt certain was meant for you (and what you never find out is that the contract went sour).

Or that horrible one-night-stand which you end up selling as a short story!

So, give thanks and enjoy all of life, the ups and the downs. Because during those times when you wonder why things are going wrong, they may just be going right! Leave room for tiny blessings.
by Robyn Chausse
Have you experienced a time when tragedy turned to triumph? When life took an unexpected turn-for-the-better? Maybe just a surprise that set your world right. Share your tiny blessings here!


Betty Craker Henderson said...

Years ago I left a career I loved because of a toxic work environment but it opened up my whole writing world and turned out to be a real blessing. I didn't wait for a doctor but it took over a year for me to see the light. And then the whole sky turned colors!

Robyn Chausse said...

Hi Betty,
I love that line, "the whole sky turned colors"...very inspiring!
Thank you for sharing!

Analisa said...

Yes just recently and I wrote about it on my blog. Hurt my leg and couldn't catch a bus,my normal route home from work. So someone at work has been giving me a ride. I soon discovered she attends my church and we have many things in common. Such a blessing and a new friend in the process.

Robyn Chausse said...

Hi Analisa,
Ouch!...Hope your leg is okay. Congrats on your serandipitous new friendship!

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