A Writer's Thanksgiving List

Thursday, November 18, 2010
Thanksgiving brings thoughts of family, friends and all of the wonderful things in our lives. As writers, we make a list (and share one thing) of things that we're thankful for. We write about turkeys, the first Thanksgiving, our crazy families, etc.

But, I've never given thought to what I'm thankful for in regards to writing. So here's my list of what I'm thankful for. Feel free to add to the list and let's see how long our thanksgiving list can get.

I'm thankful for recognizing my ability to string words together so they make sense.
I'm thankful for seeing my potential as a writer.
I'm thankful for the courage to pursue my writing even when I doubted myself.
I'm thankful for my trusty pen and paper to put my thoughts in.
I'm thankful for my computer without which I wouldn't have found my online writing pals.
I'm thankful for the friendships I've made because of my writing.
I'm thankful for the creativity that I've been able to share with others through writing.
I'm thankful for the authors, bloggers, and magazine writers who've inspired and encouraged me to keep going.
I'm thankful for the communities I've found because of writing.



Betty Craker Henderson said...

Right now I'm REALLY THANKFUL for all the wonderful blogger friends I'm making. It keeps me focused and I'm finding a lot out there that I never really knew existed before. So "THANK YOU" for your part!

PatriciaW said...

I'm thankful for the story ideas that continue to pop into my head.

I'm thankful for the writing mentors, some direct and some indirect, who have challenged me to think bigger and reach higher with my writing.

I'm thankful for the income, however, small, I've been able to earn from doing something I enjoy, like write.

I'm thankful for the encouragement and support I've received from published authors who seem like they would be so busy with other things, like their own writing.

Rev. Linda said...

I'm thankful for the ability to share what is in my heart with others in a way that brings joy. Writing is such a gift, for the writer as well as the reader.

I have spent this month listing each day at least on thing I was grateful for on Facebook. I figured that making my gratitude public might help others see the need to be thankful.

Great post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Skyraven said...

Hello Betty, Patricia and Linda! Hope this finds you well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Please come again soon to visit. :)


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