Friday Speak Out!: "Voice," Guest Post by Jodie Gonzalez

Friday, February 26, 2010

by Jodie Gonzalez

I have always been a writer. Letters, diaries, speeches, To Do lists. I love words. And the feel of ink on a clean sheet of paper. But recently, I have become a different kind of writer. A conscious writer. I have begun to study craft, read mountains of books on the subject of writing, taken a class, started a blog.

Through these experiences I have become aware of voice. As a speaker, this was obvious. Years of communication courses, business presentations, teaching public speaking to teens, I was always conscious of my voice. But in my writing…I didn't seem to make the connection. It has only been through my study that I've come to appreciate the value of an authentic voice. And though not as strong as the sound from my lips, I am beginning to stand shakily on writer's legs.

Through our writing, we are invited to explore our true selves, and from that journey emerges a new voice. One wise with tales from the road, a bit ragged from unexpected bumps along the way. And it propels us forward, further on our quest for authenticity. Through my writing I offer myself, my individual perspective—as a woman, a social worker, sister, wife, a resilient soul in search of connection. To do this, I must be vulnerable, honest, open to possibility in my writing.

Each of us writes for a different reason, from a myriad of perspectives, with a symphony of voices. It is this unique piece of ourselves which we offer to the world, it is this that gives our words power.

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Jodie is a medical social worker and newbie blogger. Check out her adventures in art/writing at


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Jayne Martin said...

Authenticity of voice is the most important thing a writer can develop. Congratulations on finding yours.

kate said...

so proud of your efforts jods. so excited for you! i love that you are exploring and challenging yourself in such an amazing way. xo always.

Anonymous said...

I just finished a novel in which the MC is Hispanic. She uses double-negatives. For anyone who's bilingual in Spanish and English, this makes sense, because in Spanish double-negatives are not only allowed, but the more of them you use, the more adamant you are in your negativity.

It creates perfect voice for a Latina MC, but I'm afraid agents won't understand why she uses double-negatives when speaking English. Any advice, Jodie?

jodie said...

wish i could help, but i'll have to ask my husband...gonzalez is my married name. sorry...

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