Leaves of Change: Finding Inspiration and Inner Balance Through a Fall Day

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Lately, I have found myself in a productive mood, so last Saturday after work, I went out taking pictures of the fall foliage as a little treat, as photography is something that once in a while brings me joy. It's probably a good thing I went out then, as it is currently raining, gross, and that little "s" word is getting thrown around so if not today, soon enough, the ground will turn white and the leaves will be completely off the trees. As we all learn, if you don't seize the moment, sometimes that moment passes and does not return. Therefore, I went driving around and walking through a park even, trying to find spontaneous areas to take some pictures, and I've been amazed with how things developed (both with the pictures as well as with my thoughts about work I do and my abilities).

It made me think of how amazed one can be crafting an object and what feelings come about. Just as a cool, fall day has that feel to it to make things just a little more enjoyable, comfortable, or intensive/intense for us to notice (think of the vivid reds and yellows of tree leaves for one example), the same thing can come from taking a step back from a work of art, a work of love, or a work of writing. It could be a step back as a reader, editor, or as an author/writer.

The question is, have you taken that step back and found that angle to shine the brightest light of satisfaction, appreciation, admiration for that work or have you plowed along, missing the change in scenery, mood, art, and the like? Keep this in mind before the leaves fall, the pages turn, or before that work of writing goes to waste or into the rejection pile. Too often, we are our own worst critics and too, particularly more so for the overstretched, multitasking women, we are too hard on ourselves. We need that occasional half hour with the camera or that walk in the crisp air, not only to reflect upon ourselves the fact that beauty is all-around and that nature and life is so complex, but to clear our heads and find satisfaction in what we do, what we love, and what we dream before we let things get to be too much or lose that satisfying feeling.

While you ponder that thought today (or whenever you come across this post), happy fall everyone and to those in northern environs, remember to dig out the shovel when you dig out the rake. It looks like the snow will be here a little earlier this year perhaps.


LuAnn said...

This summer, we cut down a couple trees that were just so, so messy year round and they didn't provide anything but a brown color in the fall. We replaced them with an autumn blaze maple and the leaves are just beginning to turn the pretty bright red they are supposed to.

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