The Writer's Chatroom: More Than Just Small Talk

Friday, September 12, 2008
By Jill Earl

You’ve got to love the logo at the upper left corner of their homepage: a figure repeatedly banging its head against a computer keyboard! What writer can’t relate to that image?

This is home to The Writer’s Chatroom (TWC), a Writer’s digest ‘101 Best Websites for Writers’ winner. Editor Audrey Shaffer and the rest of the TWC crew consistently provide a variety of resources that support and encourage writers of all genres and levels of experience. I’ve been exploring the site for a while and definitely like what I’ve seen. Following are some of TWC’s features.

Celebrity Sundays
This is where to come for the week’s spotlighted writer at 7 PM EST. Scheduled guests include everyone from up-and-coming to more noted authors and others from the writing and publishing world. This chat is moderated so attendees get the most out of this time. Open to all, simply choose a username and click on the login button to join in.

Past guests have included Jenna Glatzer, Lea Schizas, C. Hope Clark and ‘Renegade Writer’ Diana Burrell and Linda Formachelli.

Open Chat Wednesdays
For a more informal chance to interact with fellow writers, join this unmoderated chat running from 8 to 11 PM EST, where any topic is up for grabs.

The Forum
Jump in to read posts, add comments, or start your own thread. Great networking opportunity.

Writers Chatroom blog
This is the discussion blog for TWC members.

‘The Bold and The Italics’
Did you know that TWC has its own soap opera? This recent addition to the site’s forum offers a peek into the ‘sordid lives’ of TWC participants. Check it out for yourself at

Four ‘episodes’ have been posted so far, and they’re such fun! A soap about writers, how cool is that?

TWC Newsletter
You’ll want to sign up for this so you won’t miss useful articles, upcoming chats and other announcements. It comes out at the beginning of the month and features a letter from Audrey herself.

So if you’re looking for a one-stop site for writers, check The Writer’s Chatroom at

It’s more than just small talk.


Angela Mackintosh said...

Thanks Jill! I haven't checked out this resource yet. Sounds fab. ;o)

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