Spring Contest Update: On Prizes!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

We appreciate your patience through the rough waters this past month. Our issue coming out later than expected, and our switch to the new server, oy! Thankfully, now we're smooth sailing and moving much faster. ;-)

Our normal prize schedule allows winners to receive prizes within the month notified. Since our issue went up late last month (July 16), we are one week behind in sending out the prizes. But, don't fret! They are scheduled to be shipped out Tuesday July 31.

I know you all are anxious to receive your goodie bags, and you can be assured that you'll receive them in a weeks time -- as fast as UPS can deliver.

Thanks again for your patience, and be sure to give us a shout when you receive them.

Warmest regards,

Angela & Team WOW!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will get them soon!

Anonymous said...

I understand there's been another delay, but I wonder if they have gone out yet? It's August 14 now.

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